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Go wash your car, 25 May 2012

Well this is a strange one. You have to admire the energy that went into making this movie. But you have to ask why? It is very like an Ed Wood's film with higher production values. A movie needs more than enthusiasm and one or two ideas and you need to suppress the impulse too insert scenes that don't advance the story or out right confuse it. The movie tries too capture the feel of old time serials and occasional does but also thinks its Deliverance at times. My main complaint is the lack of an ending. They try to evoke the serial format "In the next episode" but the story just stops and leaves you with a "WTF" FEELING. Bottom line if you have nothing else to do go wash your car. That at least is constructive.

The Knowledge (1979) (TV)
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It's Delightful!, 25 January 2007

I first saw "The Knowledge" during a Thames Television marathon on one of the local independent stations in Los Angeles back when it was new. I enjoyed it very much along with danger UXB.

That a movie I saw once over twenty year ago should stick so well in my memory is a testament to it's originality and the quality of the performances by the cast.

I looked for a DVD copy here in the U.S.A. And found none. I finally gambled and bought a UK DVD off Ebay and was delighted to find that it has no Region Code. So those of us that would like to see this little gem can get a copy.