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Vision On Information:, 6 January 2007

Vision On ran from 1964 to 1976 under various directors and was broadcast in many countries. It made TV artist Tony Hart, an international star.

The format had minimum speech as it was primarily aimed at deaf children but instead played legendary jazz themes including 'Leftbank 2' which was used for the 'gallery' where viewers drawings and paintings were shown each week.

There were 260x30 minute episodes, a composite of ideas and people, backed by a very good production team. Ben Benison and legendary co-host Pat 'None of your pictures can be returned' Keysell, both worked with Tony Hart on the series as did Sylvester McCoy of Dr Who fame.

It won many prestigious awards (including a Bafta) and was a starting ground for those behind the now world famous Aardman Animations amongst others. It also starred David Cleveland (better known as 'The Prof') and the famous 'Suzanne & Humphrey'. Humphrey was a tortoise and is the main reason why even today, many tortoises go by this name.

It also has a fan site of its own which documents the history and those behind Vision On. More information can be found on Tony Hart's own website.

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Do not miss it, 30 November 2005

Agree - VERY memorable indeed - saw it on both transmissions including the first time in 1974 and the Valentine special. Julia Foster was an understated glamour girl of the 1960s who was also in 'Half A Sixpence' - also played 'Gilda' in Alfie. There were many TV one-offs around this time but this leaves a lasting impression - you almost hold your breath and it stays with you too.

About time this was available on DVD or shown again. A real gem that just sits in storage somewhere. Last I saw of Julia was in a TV ad with Michael Winner (she was the one to whom he says "Calm down dear" - uncredited) If this ever appears on television again - DO NOT MISS IT!