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See it with a bud!, 22 December 2005

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I have to admit to having enjoyed this exceptionally poor execution of the Cap'n A. myth. I should, however, caveat that with the following fact:I had been pulling from my hookah for at least three days(The good stuff too, Hawaiian.) when I sat down to watch it. The problems abound with this piece of unforgivable garbage. I know Marvel comics have not always done the their best with bringing their characters to the screen(anybody remember the Dr. Strange flick, or the made for TV Spider-Man movies? Holy 70's crap, Batman!)but , COME ON!!! I will give John Sanlinger credit for turning in a superb job, he gave a truly impressive portrayal of a corpse in super-hero suit. I seem to remember hearing he was considered for the roll because he was an avid ultimate-frisbee player, and as such was the only actor approached who could run and through the shield simultaneously. Unfortunately, that's it for the good news. The story was a haphazard mess. They have caps career ending on his first mission! What!?!??!They turned the classic Sharon/Peggy Carter sub-plot into something that bordered on incestuous sleaze!They managed the classic explanation for Cap making it to modern times, sort of. As long as you don't know who 'Bucky' is, I GUESS the scene works. After all, it's completely believable that a rocket built in the early 40's(Even one built by the Germans war machine, arguably the fathers of the ICBM.) fired OVER the Atlantic at Washington D.C. could be diverted to Alaska( by kicking the directional fins out of whack, no less!), It's only a couple THOUSAND extra miles, right? The RED Skull is, for most of the movie, not RED! He's isn't even German!We know he has a plan for some sort of world domination scheme, loosely ripped off from the LMD concept used in the comic 'Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.'(That's right, they cannibalized one 2nd rate super-hero story, badly, as fodder for something worse!)but beyond that the story is based around...uh..NUTHIN!. In addition to the multitude of production quality gaffs we see, which range from crappy lighting, to crappy music and over-choreographed, under-shot fight scenes We are also treated to one of the worst examples of the horrid 'Rubber suit' phenomenon since..the invention of the rubber suit! Salinger doesn't even come close to filling out the bulk! you can SEE gaps between the ridiculous rubber shoulders of the costume and Salingers obviously lanky form. I am a BIG Captain America fan, so I had to give this one a shot. I can tell you this much: You will need to test positive for something WAAAAAY more potent than the Super Soldier Serum to derive any enjoyment from this one. It beat out Roger Kormans 'Fantastic 4' stinker for worst super hero movie ever as far as I'm concerned.

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just a note on the family jewels ;), 8 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this film in junior high school, like most of America. It was as informative as any sex-ed reel could be, and had that after-school-special-meets-school-house-rock feeling that I love about late seventies/early eighties educational cinema. Luckily for me,it also had my older brother, David Carr, as the unforgettable, if completely misinformed 'Tony'. Although this was a source of much humor around our house in my formative years, when I say it was an ambitious, and in my opinion, ground-breaking piece of film, it's not nepotism talking.

Although sex-ed may have gotten slicker in the last 25 years, 'Am I Normal?' accomplished something that is in many ways still lacking in educational films today: It remembered the audience is composed of KIDS, and addressed them accordingly. What seems hokey in retrospect( at age 31) was very effective on my 13 year-old mind, and the minds of my classmates. From the misconceptions fostered by 'Tony' and the utterly absurd footage of wild-life porn, to the frank discussions of masturbation, wet dreams and the whole grab-bag of pubescent experience, the film doesn't preach or bore. Instead, vital information about what is happening to you and your body at that age is delivered in an enjoyable, nonthreatening lark of a film. Exactly what the doctor ordered for when it comes time to ask the ever-important question: Am I normal??