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Truly Amazing, 11 February 2007

I usually don't comment on movies here. I usually jut read what others write before I watch something and hope the opinions are good.

Hollywoodland is definitely one of the better movies out this year. It may seem a similar plot to the Black Dahlia but I assure you this is much better on many levels.

The acting is amazing but what can you expect when you bring in some of the best and pack them with a great script and amazing direction. The story starts a bit slow but when it starts it draws you in with the great feel of the 1950's Hollywood. Affleck plays a great Reeves especially toward then end of the movie and Brody is just another great role throughout.

All and all Hollywoodland is a great drama/documentary that makes you think ad establish your own opinion on what really happened to the man of steel.

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Very Good, 12 April 2006

I saw this movie had a front page cover on my TV guide on Sunday and out of curiosity decided that it would be a good idea to at least take a look. I turned it on expecting a pretty bad TV movie but I got an epic. I was very loyal to the Charleton Heston version of Moses but now that I think about it and how Heston's version was so glamorous and glittery it just doesn't fit. This version showed a gritty real version of how Moses led his people. The fact is that all the glitter for 1956 just does not match up to the raw gritty nature that this mini series held. Dougray Scott convinced me that he was Moses. He showed how Moses felt about his amazing responsibility. If your going to compare it to 1956 the only thing you will find is disappointment.