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"A.D." (1985)
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Excellent historical drama, 26 November 2005

If there is any better way to enjoy a day I know it not! This mini-series won an Emmy for good reason! Christian history is pretty accurate, but the addition of Roman history is exceptionally amazing. It's great to see how history and Biblical history coincide. The fictional heroic characters add to the exceptional drama -- two Jewish persons (brother and sister) and Romans they each become attached to. The all-star cast (James Mason as Tiberius, Anthony Andrews as Nero, Colleen Dewhurst, Susan Sarandon, Ava Gardner, Ian McShane, etc.) is extensive. The acting and storyline are very well-cast and the acting well-done. Stirring and excellent soundtrack follow as well. Definitely go for the longest series possible, as the shorter versions are VERY condensed! Begins with Christ being taken off the cross during the reign of Tiberius and follows the lives of the apostles and the fictional characters through the decades under the reign of Ceasars Caligula, Claudius, to the reign of Nero. Follows the historical aspects of Roman politics and treason, the senate, and the Biblical histories such as Peter converting the Ceaserean, Paul on the road to Damascus and Luke's written works. All in all, a historical dramatic gem!