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From This Moment (1999 TV Movie)
Tara's first show after the gold.
26 November 2005
No spoilers. Will we ever see it again? I believe this was Tara's show. Like other fellow professional figure skaters before her, she gave us an ice show without ratings, just for the sheer pleasure of the "dance on ice". She had a great cast with her. The program was creative and a true delight for the figure skating mania sweeping the nation. I think she did one more show "Hip Hop On Ice". These two shows truly showcased a talented young woman.

Now if they would just think about releasing these shows to DVD. I believe the fans would gobble them up. There really is a need and a desire to fill that hole where art used to be such a dominant force in our nation. Hard to find now. Way to go Tara! Please put your shows to DVD. (and the rest of you pros that also gift us with your shows and creative talent on the ice. GO Figure Skating Shows!
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