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Afirmation of our Worth
29 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
How often does a movie come along that changes the way you think and feel about your life? If you are like me not that often. Don't get me wrong I am a "movie-guy" I watch movies all the time, yes even "chick-flicks". But this movie is separate, its not obviously Hollywood in its approach to its core topic but rather it follows the path of an everyday man, in his thoughts and methods of thinking.

If you, like most of us have seen this movie, then you know that most people in our society today could walk away from a job which was unintentionally handed to us. A job which controls our life and has impact on our goals, we could walk away. But George does not he is caught up trying to do the right thing. He wants to indulge in the "its my oyster" society but does not.

Husband, Father, Nephew, Son and most of all Friend. George Baily is the common man, he is you, he is me, he is within all of us. We struggle, flounder, fall get back up. Wish and want more from life. Dream of doing and being and seeing different things. George finds he is far more rich than he thought when he considers how those around him feel about him.
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