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"Fifteen" (1990)
It's a start!, 25 May 2007

I have to agree with most everyone's opinion that this show was poorly produced as well as written.The acting was not much more above the lower production values however I feel an actor can only rely on the material provided to them and make the best of it. In keeping with this thought I feel it is important to point out that one actor has risen and persevered well beyond this campy to tasteless production to have become a respectable and quite talented performer.I am referring to Laura Harris a Canadian born actor who has etched her way through many poorly produced shows and movies to find a place on the HBO hit "Dead Like Me" where she plays the role of Daisy Adair and to her credit she handles this role in an efficient manner.I remember having a typical boyhood crush on the young actress during this series where she played Ashley a soft spoken yet intelligent 7th grader.I felt as though if anyone might "make it" from this series it surely would be Laura Harris and true to her nature she did excel in the acting field to win the respect of many producers who now recognize her for her talent as well as unique Nordic blond allure. If you ever do have the opportunity to view this series I recommend that you have something epic to watch after wards such as the 'Godfather' or perhaps 'Beaches' in order to remind yourself that there is after all a great deal of true production integrity and value out there and that this series is only a low-budget reminder of what Laura Harris can simply state about her time on the show and I bet she would quote many a young actors words of defense by saying "It's a start!"

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A goof of this episode, 7 October 2006

This comment is to be considered a goof of the episode since there were not any others mentioned I think this one does merit a mention since the Borg are considered a collective and speak as a group and consider themselves all as one and not individuals.Just before Geordi and Dr.Crusher give the Borg a name he asks them "Do I have a name?" which is so clearly and easily recognizable of being improper Borg terminology I find it interesting they overlooked it.Properly spoken, the Borg would have naturally said "Do We have a name?" but the episode was left as is and distributed with what I consider to be a rather large slip-up in proper format of a recurring alien character(s) such as the Borg.

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very delightful and entertaining romp into Parisian lifestyles and love., 26 November 2005

If you want an accurate look into the Parisian lifestyle and attitudes then I recommend this film highly.I gained a true sense of what is often perceived as French snobbery and was able to turn this around to realize the common acceptance of such attitudes by the French as normal and status quo. The scenery in this film is stunning as well as the true beauty of the French people as a whole.Their over indulgence in fatty and rich foods is honestly portrayed here as well as their zest for healthy sexual appetites.It is no doubt that not all Parisians think or act as the characters in this film do but the characters were without a doubt very realistic and quite plausible. The ending is typical and needed to be as it was in order to maintain an overall sweetness that is this movie...L'homme de ma vie. p.s. The subtitles lend to the authenticity of the language it was shot in and do not in any way detract from the films overall charm.I highly recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a small getaway from their own culture and attitudes even if just for the two hours or so that the film runs as you won't be let down at all.