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Blackout (1985) (TV)
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Beat movie I ever saw in the 80's, 24 May 2013

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As far as psychological thrillers go, (not to mention this movie was before classics like "The Silence of the Lambs) I was thoroughly entertained by the plot and acting. Keith Carradine and Kathleen Quinlan were magnificent. Well, everyone ways good. If you don't have the right people together in a movie, it could be disastrous. It remains as one of the top ten thrillers in my book! You won't be disappointed if you spend a little over an hour watching this masterpiece. It covers a range of things...not just a psychopathic killer. There is a struggle between good and evil within one man. The one side of his personality is a loving, hard-working man. Then he completely reverts to an unrecognizable killer of women and children. I had to watch this movie several times as not to miss any of the hidden clues, etc. I give it an 8 on the rating scale because of its plot, characters, execution of acting and ability to entertain.

Modigliani (2004)
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A talented, tragic, twisted tortured soul; I can relate to that!, 3 June 2011

It was hard to become a renowned artist during his lifetime. Not only because of his contemporary artists, but because of his turmultuous past. Amadeo was never well even as a child. He continued to consume drugs and alcohol for years. I understand why. Life during his existence was difficult, and being an artist was for him just another struggle. I am sure he was very aware of this which makes the whole story of his life that much more sad. His paintings, the best ones, were usually created while he was intoxicated. Many artist, with passions and talents, endure the same self doubt as he experienced. A socially inept person who only wanted society to value his gifts, was all but rejected by his peers. As has been proved throughout history, writers and painters' works are not usually appreciated until long after their deaths. It is still that way in today's world if not worse!

The Man (2005)
Great duo makes it a comedy classic, 14 March 2011

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It's not often that I thoroughly enjoy a humorous crime caper, but this film had me tickled and entertained! The chemistry between Levy and Jackson was spot on! And how refreshing it is to see Jackson in a comedy. I am sure he enjoyed working with Levy, too. Jackson plays a tough, cynical cop who learns from Levy's character how to prioritize his values in life. My hat's off to Levy for his performance as a naive, hard-working, proper family man who in turn learns from Jackson's character how to be more street wise. Fans of Jackson will be pleased with his performance as will fans of Levy. The storyline is tremendous and cleverly developed. You will NOT be disappointed if you like comedic action films which supply the viewer with twists and turns in the plot, and two complete opposites who surprisingly develop a friendship. Sensational flick, I say!

This is weird., 10 October 2008

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I think it's strange when they give a movie two completely different titles. Rufus Sewell and Minnnie Driver star in a movie called "Uncorked," but on Sewell's filmology it is called, "At Sachem Farm." This is the second time a movie made by Sewell has been called by another title. This will mess people's minds up! Anyway, "Uncorked" is delightfully fun and well worth the watch. It teaches a valuable lesson in that "game" called life. Everyone gives an incredible performance. The main lesson is that it's so easy to lose your perspective on your life, but sometimes a person needs to swallow his/her pride and trust in family to help himself/herself out. Like Barbara once sang, "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world!! I know, it's corny, but true.

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"But oh Lord, sometimes the green mile can seem so long.", 27 May 2008

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I really cannot stop watching this film. It's simple on the surface, but so powerful if you look deeply into the writer's mind. Many people did not understand the mouse, but does anyone remember why any animal is put into a film? They are put there for a reason. In fact, the mouse in this movie is the only creature without sin that comforts a sinner. That's the true heart-gripper. I adore David Morse, and he and Tom did an excellent job. My thanks to Bruce Willis for insisting that Michael Clarke Duncan would be perfect for this role, and he was! Heck, everyone was great. No, it's not as action packed as "Titanic" or "Star Wars," but that's what makes it so great. These actors carried it off because of their raw talent; pure and simple. I think this movie should have beaten "American Beauty." That picture disturbed me to the point where I was actually nauseated. It's alright though. I have a feeling that if the people got to choose the films they wanted, "The Green Mile" or"The Cider House Rules" would have won best picture.

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It takes a lot of faith to understand that this comedy has depth, 21 April 2008

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This movie works. Why? Well, the actors, of course. The plot is simple, but these actors are the best in their field when it comes to comedic genius at work. I was sorry to hear that Edward Norton lost his mother, but he dedicated this film to her. Edward is so versatile, that he can play any character in a credible manner, and who can go wrong with Ben Stiller? His parents are comedians, so he comes by it naturally. And what a delight Jenna Elfman is. I absolutely loved her on the hit TV series, "Dharma and Greg." I miss shows like that. Overall, the movie was a success because of the actors. Anyone else doing this script would have ruined it. Great casting! Many critics on here focus too much on the plot rather than the great acting and facial expressions, physical gestures, and they are also missing what the movie is all about; friendship, faith and forgiveness. Watch it again, you might feel differently. No, it's not a masterpiece, but it's just clean fun.

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Where Was the "Beauty?", 19 April 2008

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I am absolutely astounded that this film did so well at the academies. Granted, Kevin Spacey is a marvelous actor, but this whole picture had me wondering why a middle aged man cannot just accept the fact that he's a sex fiend. Poor Thora Birch was given a role that suppressed her ability to portray her talent as a young actress, and what on Earth was that silly video about with the plastic bag just floating through the air? So, let me get this straight; everyone at the Academy Awards chose this film over "The Green Mile," The Insider, and "The Cider House Rules?" Where is the justice? All of those films had more "character" to them than that idiotic movie. Kevin can do such fine work too, such as when he was a negotiator in "The Negotiator" with Samuel L. Jackson. What a complete waste of time, and how depressing it must have been for the other great films which were nominated against this offensive, shallow-minded, B rated film! Positively the worst film to win best picture in Academy history.

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It's too bad, 21 March 2008

You know, I loved "Cagney and Lacy," but "MacGruder and Loud" didn't stand a chance against this new female cop show with more controversial themes. It just came about at the wrong time. There were also just too many crime shows out in the mid-eighties. It's too bad, because both Getz and Herrold were great actors. This show could be redone---soon! Come on writers...get to WORK! I know if someone rewrote this script that it would be both entertaining and educational by showing how two people can love each other, yet at the same time, understand his/her job situation. Think about could make for some delicious suspense! YES!

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The ONE and ONLY~~~, 2 February 2008

This has to be Alec Baldwin's greatest performances. I do not like him as a person, but at least he has left us with one good movie. The movie is very imaginative and fun, but we don't owe any of that to him.

He is known to be abusive.

He has a temper.

He called his own child names.

He's gotten fat.

His acting skill are not up to par.

I hope his brothers have learned from his mistakes.

He did make Beetle Juice worth watching, but then again...look at the actors who co-starred with him.

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Okay...., 4 January 2008




I really don't know what to say. River Phoenix looked BAD in this film, so I'll always try to remember his "brighter" days such as when he did the movie, "Running on Empty." I know how hard it is for people to watch this flick and think highly of it, but everyone should really know what a musical genius River was. I also found it ironic that Johnny Cash was singing in the background in this film a couple of times, and then years later, River's own brother portrays Cash! Very strange, folks, but bitter-sweet.

I loved some of the music, and especially the song, "Bad Dreams" sung by Samantha. I want to know the lyrics to this song, but when I look for them, they are nowhere to be found. I wonder if anyone ever did remake this song. It has such powerful lyrics, and I love the melody.

When my 13-year-old daughter saw River, she said, "Wow; he had Johnny Depp's high cheekbones, and a touch of Leonardo's style with Kevin Bacon's nose. What perception! It's just all so sad that he had to follow the Hollywood crowd by taking too many drugs. (Ironic that he died just outside of Depp's nightclub.) Also, if I were Sandra, I'd stay as far away from parts that call for singing as I could. She's an incredible actress, but she needs to just sing while she's alone or in the shower! Dermont used more emotion in this film than an anything else I've ever seen him in. That was surprising. Let's keep him away from the mic too! Anyway, I know my comment does not cover any of the plot, but there was not a whole lot of depth to it. It's too bad it was the last movie River did before his untimely death. I bet the cast felt horrible when they found out. I do believe he was headed for bigger things with his acting and music, but we'll never know now... unfortunately.

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