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Fantastic Film!!, 2 December 2009

This film aired today on TCM and the transfer looks great. Bogart, Lindsay and E.E Clive perform in a high seas adventure with Bogart as a pearl merchant. Lots to look at here with a short running time. This was one of warner's pictures of the week with a great cast, director, and cinematographer Fantastic Film (**** Out Of *****)

Look for many warner extras here in bit roles. I am surprised that there are as many low rated "Whiners" how they thought this film was terrible, but a true Bogie fan would never call any of his films bad. There is no reason for trashing any of his films, but if I did I would consider all his films great except his non Warner's films that must have been independent productions...

The Time Tunnel (2006) (TV)
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Decent Pilot!! But NOT!! Superior!!, 30 October 2009

This is a decent 60 minute Pilot that see's Doug Phillips back and Toni Newman is a woman instead of a man as in the original. This pilot seems to lay everything out, but really adds nothing to the original premise. The time tunnel here is very underwhelming(The original took up an entire sound stage)The characters from the original such as Raymond Swain, Dr Ann McGregor, and General Heywood Kirk are all missing here.

The reason for the time travel is to correct 240 anomalies caused by a mistake and supposedly every episode would solve an anomaly.

This show as not picked up because it seemed too much like Stargate SG-1 and was obviously ripping it off in more ways than one!!

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Fantastic Episode, 26 October 2009

I think that we all would have liked an episode where the seven travelers and "Chipper" were sent home, but unfortunately that was not the way that Irwin Allen's series ended.

The Graveyard Of Fools was the final episode of Land Of The Giants and since today what you get is 42 mins of 22 episode seasons and Land Of the Giants had 26 episodes one season and 25 the last and the shows lasted 51 minutes each This final episode was one where they were sent to the other side of the planet to a supposed suicide mission with a twin look alike brother who simply wants them to replace a part in a machine This series is another victim of summer cancellation expecting a 3rd season and there is no final episode really...

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The Pilot was Fantastic!!, 27 September 2009

I taped this show and must have watched it ten times and I find this show hilarious. The sexual humor is tasteless, but makes you realize where the sense of humor is going and society accepting all this. The sex humor is vague enough to keep kids at a distance and I think that is what keep the moral hypocrites at a distance!! I can see this show going at least one season if the Pilot is any indication. Very Funny Show!!

I give all the characters full marks and especially the women who are really hot.

Special high marks for the comic genius of the writers

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In Regards To the Two **One Star** Reviewers, 21 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this film on August 21st, 2009 and I have to say that I think the film was excellent. I read the reviews by the two **One Star** reviewers and I have to say that they must have been on drugs or watched an entirely different film First off this film has never been on TV for at least the last ten years and has not been available on home video and so how did they see the film to comment on it? TCM last aired this film about the time that they first premiered and that was the last time.

John Chandler did an excellent job in this film and I didn't remember him until I recently re-watched the outlaw Josey wales recently This film had it's inaccuracies, but deserves to be on a high shelf of gangster films!! (***1/2 Out Of ****)

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Turd!!, 1 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The title pretty much sums it up. I went into this film with low expectations since Jada Pinkett Smith has never been a good actress and now not a good director. The film has every cliché that you can imagine and the personal relationships are contrived at best.

The director as a woman had her husband beg and plead for this opportunity instead of earning the opportunity herself. You don't start as a film director, because TV is usually the proving ground to get you noticed.

These Hollywood couples make me want to puke because they spin out dreck like this film which is nothing new at all!!

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The Alternative Factor Even Better On Blu-Ray!!, 16 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have read all the "Jump On The Band Wagon** It's a lousy episode reviews here and what I have read makes the posters sound like idiots. This is not the best Trek Episodes but the reviewers here are citing "Charlie X", "Wink Of An Eye", "Spectre Of The Gun" and "Spock's Brain" as bad episodes.

I think you guys are idiots!! I will cite a few problems with this episode.

#1: In one scene Lazarus #1 or #2 you don't know which has a goatee that goes from thick to thin #2: The dilithium crystal assemblies fit into Lazarus's ship like they were designed for it #3: He falls off cliffs even though he is disoriented and off balance.

The episode could have used more detail and the whole universe being annihilated thing is basically "The same matter can't occupy the same space at the same time" The fact that they were in the same universe at the same time has no bearing!!

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This Is Not A Film Noir!, 3 October 2008

I saw this film today and have to say that it was magnificent! I am responding here to earlier reviewers that obviously don't know what they are talking about. One reviewer from Canada states "El Stinko Noir!" well he obviously has no film taste! In an early film role for Ricardo Montalban he plays an out of work man in Mexico who smashed a music machine for printing out terrible music His son Paco seems to get around and finds "The Killer" played by Lee Marvin. Lee Marvin in this film hardly seems like a menacing or insane killer, but seems to have tendencies of insane behavior.

Anne Bancroft has never been lovelier, and seems to have a pedestrian role. For those who like Mexican cinema if you liked "Sombrero" you will love this film (*** out of ****) PS: This is not a film noir and anyone who thinks so is an idiot!!

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I had to comment On This Episode Because of "Fullers" Post, 17 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What has to be my favorite "LIS" episode from childhood is an episode with Ronald Long doing a tour deforce as Admiral Zahrk who has apparently been chasing Mr. Kidknow throughout the stars because he caused a mutiny on Zahrk's ship This is one of those episodes with Will, Dr.Smith and The Robot that the show is known for. The other members provide support, but are not featured but for a few scenes.

The show here is Ronald Long and what a tour-DE force performance it is from his first second on screen he adds the excitement to an episode that could have been dull with another actor.

Smith becomes Mr. Spindle Legs, and the robot is the quartermaster, and Will has become the midshipman.

This episode is an obvious alternate take on "Mutiny On The Bounty" but it is handled in such an over the top comical way that will send you rolling on the floor!! Next time "Fuller" makes a comment on the IMDb maybe he should mention other things too like the fact that John didn't shave or that Don's uniform was wrinkled(He mentioned everything except what the story was about!

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The Worst Of Stargate Atlantis So Far!!, 31 July 2008

**This comment does not include spoilers** Boy do I second the notion that the earlier poster commented on. This episode makes absolutely no sense at all, and first you have a child who is to be the future queen and she lies, deceives, steals, and just about every cliché that a spoiled little teen girl can accomplish.

This episode has no redeeming qualities at all, I mean are you telling me that a future queen will have the wisdom for the good of the people.

I personally think any parent or guardian that spoils a child in such a manner as to empower them to abusive or disrespectful behavior should be put against a wall and shot.

In a world of 8 billion people there is nothing special about anyone that would warrant this type of behavior.

Mean girls or narcissistic women who look in the mirror and fall in love with what they see should also be forced to sit through a class at college called wake up call-101 That said this episode obviously was the worst of Stargate Atlantis so far and I don't think I would choose to re watch the mess!!

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