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A Quickie., 25 November 2005

For what it is, it's great! Jim Mckeny, a good actor and good friend, helped to write this and it will at least make a person smile. I laughed at the sarcasm of it especially. For a four minute, silly spoof, it's worth the download. It basically shows (on a mock-serious note) a recovery group for people who have not been abducted by aliens. The people seem mentally unstable and it closes with a sentimental speech by a woman in a tacky hat and out of date dress, detailing the generosity and genuineness of the club's members. While she gives this speech, it shows hilarious imbecile-like people dancing to "Yes, Aliens love me" (which is a song to the tune of "Yes Jesus loves me") and loving every minute of it. The music at the end is very cute also. All in all, this was a good quickie.