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Well executed and acted fiction film, 8 June 2014

After watching the trailer I thought this film is going to be very similar to 'Source code'. Then I questioned myself why would Tom Cruise star in a film which is similar to a popular cult film. So I've have decide to watch it. Oh boy, I was surprised. It's nothing like anything before.

It's a simple storyline or not so simple. A coward major with no combat skills thrown in to a most brutal battle. With no combat skills what so ever he dies there brutally. Then shockingly he wakes up a day before(watch the film to understand why). He realises situation that that war is impossible to win, and he had to die every time, wake up a day before, go to war again and die again until it's won.

What I like about this movie is the plot which was the biggest sea landing in WW2, D-day. Everything has been put together perfectly well in to this plot. The emotional depth, humour and the performance from the cast were amazing. Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton probably at their best. Though its the same day again and again, the things slowly starting change every time he restarts the day. The flow and progress is really well put together by the Director. Doug Liman back to his 'Bourne Identity' best.

Overall a satisfying edge of the seat action/science fiction film after a while. A must watch.

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A visual treat, just like LOTR, 15 December 2012

First of all, The Hobbit, as we all know, is a prequel to the LOTR. So technically, there would be nothing different. How can it be any different?. It will be the same Shire or Rivendell or Mountains or any creature. So The Hobbit will not satisfy the viewers who are expecting surprise like the LOTR did. Story, its about the hobbit, who is not a brave warrior or hero. So, stop expecting another surprising film like LOTR. This will be a familiar film for all the LOTR fans.

If you cut down your expectation, You have everything to look for. This film has a nice story, wonderful action sequences, very good performances and ground breaking visual effects. Cast and the technical team did their job perfectly. You don't need know anything else actually.

Thank you Peter Jackson for bringing the Middle Earth to big screen again, that too in 3D.

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'Not everything, Not Yet' - Finale that Bruce Wayne deserves, 5 August 2012

Ever since 'The Dark Knight' was released I was so curious to see how this all going to end for Bruce Wayne more than the Batman (you cannot end Batman).

The plot still connects to the first and second instalment. That shows the brilliance of the script writers. Bane as a villain, was a good performance by Tom Hardy and menacing. After Joker, you cannot better, at least you have good enough. All the other supporting cast did their job really well. Christian Bale once again showed what a fantastic actor he is.

Technically the film is brilliant. The vision is really big and wide from the director and the cinematographer. They came up with some fantastic mind blowing action sequences. You don't have Batman appearance often, but when ever he enters I got goose bumps. Music is fantastic as usual and very appropriate.

All the credit should go to Nolan for creating a master piece trilogy in this genre. He continues he reputation of making film with thrill and emotion. After Dark Knight, when you know you cannot create a batter film than that, he was still managed to come up with a film like this.

Overall, Brilliant and very satisfying Finale to Bruce Wayne and the Batman.

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NO disappointment in this sequel, 23 December 2011

Talking about sequels, more often than not, they are disappointment compared to the original. But this team has done again. They brought back the sequel with quality. I enjoyed this film as much as I did in the first part. The action, thrill, intelligence, all are placed perfectly in this film. The screenplay and making pattern is pretty much same as the first part and story moving in good pace. The main characters did a fantastic job once again. Holmes and Watson chemistry is perfect and delivered a great performance. Here I really like the way how the hero and villain play their games, both are very clever and the equality was very interesting. Simply, if you liked the first part, just go for this one. This is perfect entertainment and No disappointments.

Azhagi (2002)
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Very rare movie, 4 August 2011

Its not so common to see a movie thats reflects so much from a life. May be I am not the only one to say this after watching this movie. I spend my childhood in a village, then moved to town. This movie left me sleepless for few days. The village part in the movie is still lingering in my mind. A simple story with lots of emotions. The performance has been brilliant. No one was acting. They looked so real. Ilayaraaja has done what he has been doing all his life, giving soulful music. Great effort from the director/cinematographer Thangar Pachaan. This is not a typical (Indian masala) movie. If you got patience to watch, surely this movie will touch your heart.

Nandha (2001)
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The film that defined the rest of the decade, 20 October 2010

After turning the Tamil cinema upside down with the ground breaking "Sethu", director Bala came up with another masterpiece which is this film Nandha. The story in one line - a tragic and dark side of a human life, in this case a ex-convict youngster Nandha who is desperately seeking affection from his mother. Indian cinema is known for its mother sentiments, but here with a whole lot of difference and with soul.

Great story, perfect screenplay, great locations, awesome performance from cast, spell binding cinematography and music, with real emotion. Great work from Bala.

What is in this film that defined this decade

1. Director Bala - A man with unique thoughts, who is brave enough to make films without compromise and telling true feeling from the heart. Who made people notice the things that they normally ignored. A great craftsman.

2. Surya - I still remember when this film was started the popular news was Surya, who was a hansom but named as flop hero acting in this movie. But Bala helped him to prove people wrong. For me this is still his best performance. Nandha, the man with most expressive eyes. Now he is the most bankable star in South-India, perhaps soon in India by expanding all over India with Ghajini and soon Raktha charitra.

3. Yuvan Shankar Raja - After this film he has no turning back. What a composition, both songs and background score. The song "Mun Paniyaa" is ever green. Now he is the most sought after composer in south India, doing more number of film than anyone else.

4. R. Rathnavelu - Cinematographer, his success rate is 100% and most critically acclaimed in this decade. His latest Robot/Endhiran shows it all.

5. Rajkiran - His comeback film with stunning performance, now he is the most sought after character artist.

6. Laila - her best performance of her career.

7. Karunas - Real pop singer turned in to reel - actor and comedian.

A must watch film for anyone who wants to see a different film.

Enthiran (2010)
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30% Shankar - 30% Rajnikanth - 40% Special effects, 2 October 2010

This is the most awaited film in the recent time. Is it really worth waiting, I think certainly YES. The film is entertaining in every way. Laugh, romance, songs, action, message...,a complete entertainment package.

The story is very simple one line story. Then what makes this movie worth watching? First Rajnikanth. He did an amazing job and his performance alone make this movie worth watching. The role Chitthi got everything in it from romance,comedy to evilness. This is certainly one of his best. Second is Visual effects (The guys who did ground breaking visual effect movies like Terminator, Jurassic park up to recent Iron man and Avatar). They continue to amaze, its ice on the cake for them. The next is Shankar, who has given enough imagination to create the plot and thoughts to feed the special effect guys. The last 30 minutes were original and awesome. So did the writers, cinematography and costume.

After few great points, sadly it has some let downs. The thin story, many scene before climax were resembling some familiar action movies from Hollywood, but only minor. If you are regular Hollywood viewer, this film is quite average only. But for the people who don't, then it is a treat.

Music of AR Rahman - a let down for this film. Songs were ordinary, thanks to Shankar who shot well. But his background score was disappointing particularly in the second half chasing scene. As an Oscar winner he should have delivered better. He is got a record of giving good music (only) to big film and big directors. I kind of felt he did this film in a hurry. He should stop doing Indian films and concentrate on foreign films.

Overall this film will amaze Indian audience and Rajni fans. Well done Shankar to make this kind of film possible in India. A visual treat.

Kites (2010/I)
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total nonsense, 22 May 2010

People promoted this by saying as story beyond borders, story never told before,blah blah.. But the movie resembles many other movies ( story like 'ek duje ke liye', first scene from Bourne Identity, climax from Bourne Supremacy, and many more).

OK, let's see what is new in this movie. A foreign actress in a Hindi movie, totally shot overseas location, mmmm... I couldn't see anything else.

What is usual? the story, hero and heroin dancing in the rain, dialogues like 'are you scared?', often a train station, the hero fighting with local cops and dropping cars from a container truck but the truck driver just don't care about this and just keeps on driving, also hero takes a car from the container (I am not sure they keep the car keys, even in Matrix reloaded, the key maker makes a key for the bike. Yeh may be as the hero says he is got magic hands!), I think I should stop here as I don't want to write the whole movie. There is nothing really new in this movie, and I hated totally.

Hrithik was looking good as usual and so Barbara, she looks comfortable only in kissing scenes and smile, nothing much in acting. Cinematography was good. With no substance at all, style or glamour wont do any good for the audience.

NO WORTH watching, otherwise if you want to see a collection of old bollywood and Hollywood movies in new print or just want see two good looking persons on screen doing romance.

Even if producer offers $1 billion to make a movie, they will go to Moon and will make the same kind of movie again and again. 1/10, this is just for Hrithik. Another nonsense from bollywood (following Chandni chowk to china, Blue...)

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Watch it just as a movie, you won't be disappointed, 22 May 2010

First of all I am not the one who played this game and want to see what they did in the movie. So I had no expectations. I was expecting a movie which is filled with action and fun ride. Prince of Persia just delivered exactly that.

Lets start with what I enjoyed. First the CGI and special effects, which was just awesome. Very well done. I felt like I was travelling in the Arabian desert. Second one is casting. I was bit surprised to see Jake Gyllenhaal in this role because this is an action movie. He is a normal size guy who was just after girls. But here, oh boy! he just looked like a perfect action hero. He build physically and really good to see him as an action hero. Very good transition (this don't happen too often). He richly deserved some prise for his efforts. Gemma Arterton, perfect and just looked as a beautiful princess Tamina. Other than these two, I felt everybody did their job well enough.

In the making side, the action scenes are very good, lots of fun and humour, good graphics, I couldn't see any flaws in the making. Only thing I would say wasn't great is the script, but still it was good enough. As I said if you are looking for a fun and adventure, with no expectations, this is really worth it.

I give 8/10 for this and I was really enjoyed.

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great effort, 8 March 2007

After long time, a great movie for Tamil cinema from Ameer

Ameer, his third movie. He made a great impact in Tamil cinema with 'Raam'. Now another magic with the name Paruthi Veeran. The film made with excellent sense of film making. Well written story and screenplay with perfect support from cinematography.

Yvan as usual, did it again with Ameer, with wonderful nativity songs and background score that travels well with the story. the song with Ilayaraja (Ariyatha vayasu...) still occupies my mind.

Karthi (brother of Surya, son of Sivakumar) did a fabulous job. No one will believe this is his first movie. amazing effort in his debut.Priyamani, after long time a lady lead has a great chance to perform and she did a fabulous job.

This movie will change the career for both Karthi and Priyamani.

This is a kind of movie that changes the way of Tamil cinema

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