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a list of 1,000 titles
Because making this is the most convenient way I can think of to find titles that aren't in the top 1000 despite having the votes and the numbers.
a list of 438 titles
A list dedicated to the underrated and the undervoted.
a list of 56 titles
a list of 1,921 titles
Everything I've seen that IMDb classifies as a Feature Film.
a list of 851 titles
Movies in my collection, included whether or not I've gotten around to watching them. (Also includes feature-length direct-to-DVD movies, TV Movies, Miniseries and TV Series of which I have at least one season or box set.)
a list of 305 titles
a list of 68 titles
a list of 500 titles
My Top 500 feature films - at present, all are rated 8.6/10 (rounded up to 9) or higher.
a list of 3,531 titles
a list of 192 titles
a list of 100 titles
All 9.4/10 or over, for the moment.
a list of 334 titles
Favourite TV Series, Miniseries, Miniseries wrongly listed as TV Movies, and Miniseries wrongly listed as TV Series.

All 9/10 or higher.
a list of 9 titles
A handful of movies that keep entering and exiting the IMDb Top 250 list several times a week.
a list of 43 titles
The most incompetently made, horribly misguided in their goals and outright offensive feature films I've sat through.