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Entertaining and impressive Sci-Fi/Horror TV movie., 15 September 2008

Something is out there (1988) is all about detectives Jack Breslin (Joe Cortese) and Frank Dileo (George Dzundza) who are investigating a serial-killer, who slaughters his victims and removes their internal organs. While in the crime scene, Jack notices the constant presence of a beautiful young woman, Ta'Ra (Maryam d'Abo). He finds her and is convinced that she is a doctor from a prison in the outer space. She explains that the murderer is a powerful alien, who is able to change his appearance, that escaped from prison, and she is chasing him. They join forces trying to eliminate the menace to planet Earth.

"Something Is Out There" is a very good sci-fi/horror B-movie, using a similar storyline of "The Hidden" (1987). The story mixes crime, horror, sci-fi and action, and it stars the lovely British Maryam d'Abo.

The movie is fast paced and lots of fun and the effects are very good too.

I give this very entertaining horror 8/10, it's pretty rare movie to find though!

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A post 2000 horror/thriller snoozefest., 27 July 2008

This movie was basically a pile of crap!!!. The characters were awful who never gave a hint of acting ability! All of the cast are basically a bunch of inept dorks who don't appeal to 80's horror movie fans.

It was a bunch of brain dead early 30 somethings pretending to be about 20!!! I could tell it was gonna be a pile of crap from the 1st 2 minutes of the movie. Lame script and even worse AHEM 'jokes'.

"Cabin Fever" didn't pay homage to previous horror films, it just blatantly ripped them off. And it didn't even have the imagination to add a simply ripped off the ending of "The Night of the Living Dead." This is a poor effort, but I suppose if you are hard up for horror and have VERY low standards, you might get some thrills out of it. As for me, I thought this was a very poor movie and it barely kept me awake.So i give this 2/10 and thats being kind for this pile of donkey shat!

Hatchet (2006)
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Over-rated horror, but with good gore scenes., 11 January 2008

Hatchet (2006) is another of those modern horror movies that tries to copy the magic of 80's horror's, although it did have some sort of 80's feel, it just didn't have much else.

The storyline was boring and predictable, and i didn't really care for any of the characters either, and some people have "TRIED" to claim that Victor Crowley, is the next horror icon......... Don't MAKE ME LAUGH!!!!! Anyway, the story is about a group of people who decide to go on a haunted swamp tour and they get hunted down and killed off one by one by a disfigured killer. It's all rather boring and predictable and just average to be honest, it's only saving grace is the gory death scenes, of which some were very good. So all in all, i give Hatchet 5/10.

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Boring Troma movie about a psycho killer who thinks he's a chicken!, 2 December 2007

Luther the Geek (1990) is a dull horror movie and is really bad even by Troma's standards!! It's about a freak who bites the heads off chickens, and kills people by biting their necks out, and he actually thinks he's a chicken himself!!!!! Luther gets released from prison after 25 yrs because apparentely he's been a "model" prisoner and deserves another chance in life (which is VERY hard to believe after you see how he acts and treats people throughout the movie).

After killing an elderly lady in a supermarket car park, he manages to sneak into a womans car, and proceeds to torture her, her daughter and the daughters boyfriend at their family home in the country.

Then we get treated to a long winded and boring movie, with awful acting all the way through, before a useless cop turns up to try and kill Luther once and for all!! Oh and the film has a ridiculous and laughable ending too!!! I love low budget horror movies and i think "The Toxic Avenger" is an all time classic, but i'm afraid Luther the Geek is just boring, illogical and dull, not much in the way of gore too, just afew bloody neck bitings and thats about it! 3/10

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It's certainly no "Kill Bill" thats for sure!!!!, 9 October 2007

Death Proof (2007) was a film that disappointed me in many respects, being a fan of Tarantino's work, i was hoping for A lot more action, violence and gore, there was some of course, but the BIG problem with this movie was that there was too much meaningless girl waffle, the build up to the action scenes were so slow and drawn out!!! All the females in this film were meaningless and stupid and to be honest, none of them deserved to survive!!! and they were too up their own arse to be routing for them, i hated them all!!! I wanted to see a lot more killings from Kurt Russell, the action scenes involving Kurt were the only worthwhile parts of this film. The rest you can totally forget as they were SO BORING!!! Just some worthless waffle about the girls talking about men etc etc, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! It's not a total stinker, but definitely stick with "Kill Bill", "Pulp Fiction" or "From Dusk Till Dawn" instead, they are TRUE Tarantino classics! This female friendly movie was far too slow and tame and it's not worthy of being a Tarantino movie to be honest!! 4/10.

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Really good TV Show, funny and light hearted stuff!, 9 October 2007

Just Shoot Me is a funny US TV sitcom that is running on Channel 4 in the UK at the moment, it's funny stuff, set in the office of a fashion magazine, it has some good characters and loads of funny story lines.

I've enjoyed watching this show, Jack, Finch, and Nina have to be the funniest characters, Elliot is rather geeky seeing as he's supposed to be some sorta stud!!!!! But i suppose that adds to the laughs!! Overall i would give this show 9/10 it's really funny and i've enjoyed every episode so far, i'd much rather watch this than crap like "Will and Grace" or "Frasier".

It's the best American comedy material since "Friends" in my opinion.

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A wonderful and emotional tribute to the Legend, Steve Irwin., 12 August 2007

Steve Irwin was a very special person, he was so passionate about wildlife, and his style could never be mimicked by anyone else.

He was so charismatic and full of life, i love the way he explained the animals he came into contact with, he had so much knowledge.

He was one of a kind and his programmes were so entertaining.

This tribute was shown live over here in the UK on the "Animal Planet" channel, and it was fantastic from start to finish.

It had excellent heartfelt tributes, from famous people in the film and music industry, to family and friends, the tributes by Steve's best friend Wes and Steve's daughter Bindi were very emotional, Bindi is such a brave little girl and she will definitely carry on her dad's huge legacy.

Steve's wife Terri was so emotional and still broken inside, she was unable to read out a speech of her own.

This tribute also had the Austrailian PM who was also a good friend of Steve, and it had some good comedy moments too, and some great moments of Steve in his younger days.

If you were a fan of Steve Irwin, (millions and millions of people and animals around the world are) then you must see this tribute if you haven't already, it was truly wonderful, just like the man himself. 10/10

Mirage (1990)
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Rare desert horror, well worth watching., 9 August 2007

Mirage (1990) is a very rare horror/chiller from 1990, released here in the UK on the "New World Video" label.

It's a desert based horror film about a group of young friends who are partying for the weekend, only to be killed off one by one by an unknown force who drives a menacing black truck!!! This film has some creepy scenes, and some gore here and there, but i have to say that the acting was so lame, even by low budget standards! But the film was oddly addictive and i liked it, and i never fell asleep or turned it off, which is always a good sign! I nearly gave this movie 6/10, but seeing as it built up steam along the way, had some good moments of gore and suspense, had some good nudity, and the fact that the blonde in the main female role was a hottie too! i'll give it 7/10.

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A film that took way too long to arrive, modernism kills it!!!!, 17 June 2007

Freddy Vs Jason (2003) i have to say was a disappointment to be honest, i am a massive horror movie fan, i love the horror films of the 80's, where the originality and story lines were so strong, as well as the "proper" make up/special effects.......... none of this CGI crap!!!

I'm afraid this film was lacking, the "Nightmare On Elm Streets" and "Friday The 13th's" were such strong horror movies featuring 2 of the biggest horror movie icons in horror film history.

This film was teased at being made years and years ago (remember the end of "Jason goes to Hell"?, and that was made in 1993). It took them 10 years to think of the script for this film, well thats really not good enough i'm afraid!

The fact that Jason is portrayed as the strong "Goodie" and Freddy is the "Baddie" is laughable, they are both destructive killers, if anything they should have teamed up to go on a massive slaughter spree!

I don't know what it was about this film, whether it be the laughable teenie "modern slasher movie cast" or the CGI or just generally the weak storyline........ it just didn't gel for me and it should have been a lot better than what it was, a horror movie to end all horror movies should have been SO MUCH BETTER.

It's true what they say, that don't make em like they used to! 5/10

Epic Movie (2007)
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Biggest pile of rubbish ever put on film!!!!, 28 February 2007

Epic Movie (2007) is total crap, no beating around the bush here, it was so bad it actually angered me that i paid to view this turkey and i wanted a refund, i felt cheated, the only reason i didn't cause a fuss at the cinema was the fact that something very funny happened...... a singing chant started in the audience (of about 12 people), and it went something like this, why are we watching, why are we watching, why are we watchinggggg this piece of CRAP!!!! I didn't have a clue what was going on, the 'script' was idiotic, the actors were totally lame and annoying and the jokes were pathetic and UNFUNNY, how this ever made it to the silver screen i'll never know.

I advise anyone who's thinking of going to see this piece of JUNK, to stay well clear and save their money, thank you and GOODNIGHT! 0/10

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