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My 2015 Film Preview:
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My ideal cast for a film that I am writing. Trying to get over writer's block.
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A list of my most anticipated films of 2016
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A list of my favorite directors working today based on their work.

Overall rating based on top 5 rated films.
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This is my Top 100 Movies of All Time. I've been working on this list for years and though it is far from definitive, it is MY list. Go ahead and tear it apart or recommend some movies that I should see because I'm always looking for new and different stuff to watch.
I've Seen:
1,800+ Movies
240+/250 - IMDB Top 250
100/100 - AFI Top 100
461/501 - 501 Must See Movies
88/89 - Best Picture Winners
44/84- National Board of Review Best Picture
62/100 - Time Magazines All Time 100
48/50 - Sight and Sound 50 Greatest
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These are all of the movies that I have watched that were released in 2012. Movie Ratings: Acting- Ensemble Cast Story- Overall story /Screenplay Visual- Cinematography/Art Direction/Costume/Makeup Technical- Direction/Editing/Visual Effects Audio- Score/Sound Editing/Mixing Personal- My Personal Score
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When I first started to watch movies as more than just a casual fan I had a difficult time deciding what movies to watch. There are tons of top 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 movie lists and I had no idea where to start. Having gone through a large number of said lists I have decided to make a list of the Essential 100 Films for anyone attempting to get deeper into film to use as a starting point.
Also, if anyone attempts to recommend a movie to me and has not seen a substantial portion of this list I will nullify your recommendation.
**Limit of two entries per director.
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My top 30+ Females based on looks, personality will also play a part in it. This is also so that I will have an easier way to keep track of projects from my favorite females.
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May contain spoilers. This is a lost of movies that defines today's nerd culture. Most of these movies I really like, some not so much, but they have all played a part in creating today's nerds. Listed in chronological order. Please comment and let me know what I should add/omit. Enjoy.