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Thanksgiving Promise is one of the BEST FAMILY MOVIES!!!, 22 November 2005

The Thanksgiving Promise was a heartwarming movie. I especially liked the interaction between the family members, friends & neighbors. I also thoroughly enjoyed the morals, commitment & dedication it provided. A person's word is so important to their character & nowadays many people don't have the honor that goes with one's word. I don't understand why this movie isn't played EVERY year before or during the Thanksgiving holiday. I would love to be able to share this movie with grandchildren. It would surely be a movie that would make great memories for parents, grandparents & children to watch together. I wish I knew where to buy a tape or CD of this movie. I haven't seen one anywhere. I hope others have the opportunity to see this fantastic movie sometime in the near future. I know I'll be watching it again if it ever comes on TV. Thank you.