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Bad Girls (1999–2006)
what i think of this series
29 November 2005
I started watching this series at the beginning of the airing of series six. By the end of it, i had seen all the other episodes of all the other series. It is one of the best shows I have ever seen. It is addictive and you do get a genuine feel for the story lines - you cannot watch one episode without forming loads of opinions. People claim its unrealistic, it is not - as assured by the producers, everything in the show is possible in a real prison. Agreed, it may not happen to the same people, as in the series but give the show a break - its a TV series! It has to be exciting and it really really is. It is moving and the story lines are real and in most cases relevant to thew outside world as well, in my opinion. It is serious and can be upsetting but it is also one of the best acted and best written shows I've ever seen! I cannot wait for the next series!
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Walk Away and I Stumble (2005 TV Movie)
What I thought - this is only a spoiler in that it tells you my opinion of the sadness/happiness of the ending!
29 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have genuinely never seen a more "pause for thought" itv drama than this. I absolutely adored it. It was gripping, it did not drag on, it was moving - I was actually sobbing at the end - and the acting was completely believable. Admittedly, if you do not go in for curable films and prefer action this is not the film for you but if you like this genre of film, it is fantastic. I hope so much it is released on DVD. The music was amazing and the story showed almost every angle it could have done. It is one of those films that not seeing is missing out. I thought the pace was good and the ending, though sad, happy through what followed (you'll have to watch it to see what i mean!)It is a film you cannot forget in a hurry!
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