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Hmm?, 7 December 2005

If you've seen the older version or read the book, you know know it ain't gonna be the same!

The characters in this movie were all so lame, you actually would have preferred them to be dead. The little girl should have been the first one killed and then every whiner after that!

The premise for the movie was so-so, alien's invading Earth.

Unfortunately the movie starts slow and ends quick! The first 20 minutes were horrible and probably could have been skipped, but then finally the action starts and things improve.

Although I may complain about a lot of different aspects of this movie , I still enjoyed it enough to watch another 5 times for the great sights and sounds.

Even with all the negative marks on this movie, it's still well worth watching as long as you can stomach the cheesy start to it and don't mind 1940's SCI-FI child-like imaginations.

In this day and age, if someone made a similar type movie, it would be far more violent and futuristic.

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What the pluck?, 7 December 2005

More Ghettoized garbage!

The idiots that stole the The Honeymooners title should be shot and pi**ed on for releasing this trash!

Can we sue these morons for this? I think my dog could have created a better movie!

What next with these racial equality dim wits?

Archie Bunker being played by Chris Rock? Malcolm X played by John Goodman George Jefferson played by Woody Harrelson?

Unless your a retard this movie sucked donkey balls and is an insult to the original TV show.