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Perhaps one of the best film series in existence, 16 September 2010

So much as been already said about either Tinker Tailor or Simleys People that my addition is small, however in a film world driven by special affects or minimal story content, these two film series represents some of the foremost screenplay, editing, acting and cinematography to date. This film does NOT cater to the viewer, it demands you pay attention, even small details have far reaching ramifications later in the film. This is dense story that for some may require seeing the film two or three times to understand and appreciate. The star of this story is Alec Guiness giving one of the most powerful and interesting performances of his wonderful acting career. It is a film whose only poor quality is that it does not go on longer to enjoy.

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One Night - One Waste!, 22 March 2007

I was not happy with this film, and I did give it a chance. Fundamentally the best actors were in supporting roles, it was almost a crying shame to see Omar Sharif complete wasted in this film. Sumptuous settings with attractive sets, and believable costuming, the most basic problem was trying to feel interested in these individuals. The actor who portrayed the King did such a great job of appearing aloof and royal that he became flat and insipid, in fact it was the complete lack of dimensionality to the main characters that really hurt this film. Nor was the story line well developed. Why did the Persions attack the Greeks initially? How and why did the Jews get to Persia? The screenplay was developed as if it was assumed that everyone was a Pentacostal Christian who reads the Old Testament every Sunday, and ignored a wonderful chance in exploring an entire historical period. To be kind I gave this film 4 Stars, but it deserved a lower score.

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A true masterpiece of storytelling, 11 January 2006

This is not your usual spy / action story, . . .this is a story of ordinary men within an extra-ordinary world that few, if any, of us will ever be exposed to.

This is a thinking person's film, there are no setups, no story voice overs, you are required to really "watch" this story as it unfolds.

This story is an exploration of desire, anger, hatred, fear and respect, . . .it is a story of belief and manipulation, it is NOT James Bond.

This is "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold" many, many years later, after a bitterness and loss have become a way of life.

This is one of the best films you will ever see.

Solaris (2002)
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One man's search for meaning., 9 December 2005

What does it mean to be? Is the sense of individuated existence, that sense of being an "I" over and against and within a universe of things and processes that are not "I" real or is it an illusion? In both versions of the film Solaris this subject is explored.

Solaris is not a discussion upon the classic What Is Reality inquiry, but instead does a wonderful job of examining the question of what does it mean to be ourselves, and what is it about ourselves that is unique or even real? The planet Solaris becomes an artistic representation of the true Unknown, and the unknown is that state in which we all exist in, but in which we create forms of meaning to encapsulate the mystery of this moment within the illusion of the Known.

Solaris presents through its actions and its very existence a format for the characters, and the viewers, to examine what it means to live safely within the illusion of the Known, but where the reality is actually an existence in which the Known is not a possibility.

Do not approach this film with the intention of understanding some final conclusion, for like life itself, it is the writers intention that we question our assumptions about this movie, and possibly about our own lives as well.