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Wildside (1997–1999)
Best Cop drama i have ever seen.
16 February 2006
I am from London so had never seen this brilliant show until, whilst I lived in Sydney in 2005, I came across this late night series. I discovered this superbly-acted, excellently-written, warts and all portrayal of inner city police work and drop in centre.

I loved the fact that it appeared to not shy away from the fact that some officers of the law who will break the rules to succeed, and leaves you to form your own conclusions. I also thought the sub story of Tony Martins character, having a son who was in trouble with drugs, was handled excellently.

I only wish it was available to watch on DVD as i note the only one available has only 3 episodes.

3 episodes out of 60? Thats just a disgrace.

Come on ABC, get theses sold in a special pack for the fans.
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