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"Wildside" (1997)
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Best Cop drama i have ever seen., 16 February 2006

I am from London so had never seen this brilliant show until 2005, whilst living in Sydney for a year. I was lucky enough to come across this superbly acted, excellently written, warts and all portrayal of inner city police work and drop in centre.

I loved the fact that it appeared to not try and cover up the fact that their are officers of the law who will bend the rules to succeed. I also thought the sub story of Tony Martins character, having a son who was in trouble with drugs, was handled excellently.

I only wish it was available to watch on DVD as i note the only one available has only 3 episodes.

3 episodes out of 60? Thats just a disgrace.

Come on ABC, get theses sold in a special pack for the fans.