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A must watch for every aspiring actor, musician, lyricist, screenplay writer, cinematographer and director, 24 February 2009

Everyone who watched this movie is probably thinking of the same thing: WHAT MADE US WATCH IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? In my case, it was my cousin who assured me that it was a good movie.

After 2 minutes into the movie, I couldn't disagree with him more. But I kept watching because this movie is so horribly made, it becomes comical.

The movie talks about a bunch of college students who start a theatre group called "Aasma" which means "sky". Its ironic how the entire movie feels just like amateur theatre.

The acting is so bad, it hurts. The screenplay is disturbing at best.

I think this movie should be a mandatory watch for every single aspiring actor, musician, lyricist, screenplay writer and director. It has everything, and I mean everything, that a good movie should not.

Oh yea, and if the IMDb rating failed to convince you (it failed to convince my cousin!), I hope this review does.

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Don't watch Borat just because they say its 'funny', 27 November 2006

I watched this movie for two reasons: 1) I was on a movie watching spree and when I arrived at Loews this Friday, it was the only movie I hadn't seen AND 2) Everybody seemed to think it was a great movie. It was rated in the top 150 on IMDb at one point. The trailers looked completely idiotic and senseless. I knew I was going to watch it to figure out what the hype was all about but I was delaying the inevitable. The lack of new releases on Friday night did it for me and I bought a ticket to Borat. My intuition was absolutely right. Borat is probably the worst movie I have ever seen. I was watching it with two of my good friends, one of whom I literally forced in. The other was genuinely excited to see the movie. When we left the movie theater, not only did we share our dislike of the movie, we were also left wondering how anyone who left the theater with us could have possibly enjoyed this movie. Granted the movie did have some funny moments, but nothing made me or anyone around me crack up. This could be due to the ever present disgust that accompanied the Borat humor. I don't see how people can find two completely naked guys wrestling for 10 minutes straight funny. Mentally scarring is a better way to describe such 'humor'.