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Are you people serious?, 5 February 2008

Wow, just had a viewing, and wow did it suck.

As a web toon junkie, this is nothing special. In fact, it's sub par. The art and animation was either extra poorly done or ripped off completely, the story was a boring rip off of two films, the voice acting was awkward, and the pacing was painstakingly slow.

I just can't believe there are folks who would praise this thing. I can only assume these folks are fiercely devoted to all things Star Wars and who's perceptions are clouded.

On the level of webtoons, this is as mediocre as they get. On the level of independent animated films, this is complete garbage. I assume since this is on a film site, it should be judged as such. Don't waste your time on this one folks.

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Fun movie, just leave the Ritalin at home., 3 November 2006

I have to admit that I went into this movie with the mixed expectations. I'm haven't been especially impressed with Dreamworks animations, minus "Over the Hedge" which I think is their first film that stands on its own two feet without relying on the popularity of previous animations or pop-culture references.

But enough on that, Flush Away was an enjoyable romp of animation. My only real complaint, is the pacing. The entire thing feels a roller coaster that you ride upside down -- with rotating seats. (Perhaps a contraption Aardman would come up with). The gags are amusing and some are very funny, but I need some breathing/laughing time between them.

Yet if your brain can handle the onslaught of information, you will be able to appreciate the extraordinary amount of creativity in terms of visuals and attention to detail. There's also plenty of adult innuendo and witty jabs at Europeans and Americans alike. Katzenburg's philosophy of making movies "for adults, and the adult in every child." is very evident here. The kids were rolling in the theater with all the slapstick, and the savvy adults had their own laugh track.

In this sense, the film is a success minus the ridiculous pacing. It's worth a look, just leave the Ritalin at home.