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Only Golden Age Hollywood is featured here.
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Here is a list of supporting and bit players -- fine character actors who enhance every movie they appear in. You may not know their names, but you sure know their faces! Some of them even starred in movies once in a while.

Time period: Hollywood Golden Age.

(Additions to the list are most welcome, though I must stress that I include only those actors whom I actually recognize when I see them on screen.)
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I like submarine movies very much. I certainly have not watched all films which feature subs, so I list only those I saw. I welcome any suggestions which will further my viewing experience.
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Here is my quirky list of dimple-chinned actors. (I have a dimpled chin myself -- hence the interest in this facial feature.)

Additions are welcome.
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I have not watched many such movies (I guess there aren't many of them -- for natural reasons), but I have come across some movies which started as a film of one genre, and then turned out to be a film of a completely different genre. Not all of them are worse off because of this switch. Here's my list of some REALLY twisted movies. Preference is given to Golden Age Hollywood.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Beware of spoilers, as I describe briefly what sort of genre switch took place in the movie.
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Female movie actors whose body of work I admire and love, listed alphabetically. As evident from the list, I am a fan of "Golden Age" Hollywood.
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This is a list of actors who played in both of my favorite TV shows: Lost and C.S.I.
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My list of films about China which I have watched.
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Movie actors whose body of work I admire and love, listed alphabetically. As evident from the list, I am a fan of "Golden Age" Hollywood.
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Here is a list of Hollywood Golden Age motion pictures in which three or more Academy Award Winners participate. (Regardless of the year the actors won their respective awards.) Suggestions to fill omissions are very much welcome.

The list is chronologically arranged.
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As Marilyn Monroe says in "All About Eve" (1950), I can't call for the butler -- maybe someone's name is Butler. Yes, butler is a recurrent character in classic Hollywood movies, and very often quite a memorable character or even a significant one. Here is a lost of such films -- those that I watched and recalled.

It's a funny thing -- I watched an old movie the other day, a "whodunit," and there the butler was the killer -- for real! I used to think this is just a recurrent joke... (I won't name the movie, though.)
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Here is a list of wonderful supporting actresses of Golden Age Hollywood. They contributed a lot to the movies they were in.

Additions are most welcome.

Disclaimer: I've received some feedback on this list, and most criticism comes from the fact that I have placed here some actresses who played leading parts. I agree they did, but I consider an actress a leading lady only when she is on par with her leading man, when they both are equally fascinating, equally rivet my attention in the leading player capacity and generally can hold a movie all by themselves (as a leading lady should). Quite often this is not the case with those 'minor' leading actresses (which does not diminish their wonderfulness in the least, only affects their formal status in my book).

Other people probably adhere to more formal criteria of determining who is a leading and who is a supporting player. I respect their right to have a different opinion.
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Here is a list of most memorable (to me) films about movies, movie-making, and movie makers and actors. Does not pretend to be exhaustive in any way. Emphasis is made on Golden Age Hollywood.
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Here is my list of movie actors who played parts connected with Church, i.e. priests, preachers, monks, nuns, or high ecclesiastical dignitaries (cardinals, popes), regardless of particular denomination.

The focus is on Golden Age Hollywood (with a few exceptions), and only memorable leading and supporting roles are listed.

Additions are most welcome.
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Here is a list of movies about theater and theater actors, which I watched. Period: Golden Age Hollywood (mostly).
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This is a list of movies set in San Francisco or having scenes set in that wonderful city and depicting its various instantly recognizable landmarks.

Some films noirs are set there, and they are very atmospheric. One might say they have a special flavor, which distinguishes them from noirs set in New York, which are much more numerous.

Emphasis is made on Golden Age Hollywood.
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Contrary to its name, film noir can (or could, if we restrict the timeframe to the period from the 1940s to the 1950s) be set in daytime (High Noon, 1952) or shot in color. Here is my list of color films noirs. Only classic noir era (1940s to 1950s) is covered.
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This is a list of movies set in Africa, fully or partially. In such films, the viewer is usually treated to exotic locations, sights of wild animals, and unusual customs. Hardships also abound.

Golden Age Hollywood is featured, mainly.
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I am in the course of preparing a Russian edition of "The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D." (1791) by James Boswell, and I am a big movie fan. Movies often remind me of the work I must do on the Russian translation of what is arguably the greatest biography ever...

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A list of Golden Age Hollywood movies featuring journalists, reporters and newspaper business in general. Brass and sassy, always wisecracking -- I love those dynamic characters!
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Here is a list of movies where a man and a woman go into, or find themselves or live in wild nature and rough it up or even try to survive against many odds.
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The list includes movies which have the magical number 7 in their title.

Additions are welcome, but I only list movies I actually watched or at least know something about.
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Very often it's quite hard for the female lead to choose between two characters (the hardest choice was faced by Loretta Young's character in Rachel and the Stranger (1948), in my opinion). The same tough choice regularly presents itself for the viewer -- who to root for. It's just as difficult sometimes as to choose between two leading men. Here are some examples from the Golden Age Hollywood.

(Of course, I listed only those films where I personally have trouble making a choice.)

Take your pick!
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This is what Jean Simmons exclaimed when she saw Robert Mitchum, Cary Grant, and the butler, all in glasses, during the famous duel in The Grass is Greener (see below). This list is a proof that no glasses can spoil good looks.

Unfortunately, I could not find on IMDb all the pictures I needed, so in some cases I will just insert posters of films where my favorite leading men appear bespectacled.
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Here is a list of my favorite westerns. It is quite different from "official" "best" lists (made by AFI and others). No, I do not like John Wayne at all, hence -- no John Wayne movies here.

No particular order is observed.
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This list mentions most memorable debuts of actors and actresses in movies released by classical Hollywood. In no particular order, just as they came to my mind.
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I am firmly convinced that disaster flicks have an inherent flaw, and for that reason cannot be good. That flaw is the fact that a disaster is the principal character in such a movie, while people act principally as victims, fodder. Heroes in such movies tend to be cardboard. And the only thing the viewer is really interested in is "will this or that hero survive or not"? (And it's a no-brainer, too, because usually the characters played by the top-billed actos survive in such flicks.)

Well, for that reason I prefer "normal" dramas, where a disaster is only part of the action (and not a very big one), contributing to people's choices and/or destinies, not determining them altogether. Once again, I concentrate in my list on Hollywood films of the 1930s to 1950s.
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My favorite movie directors of "Golden Age" Hollywood, randomly ordered.
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Over eight decades, quite a number of non-American actors have won the Academy Award for Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role or Academy Award for Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role.

I call actors non-American, based on the formal principle of them having been born outside of the U.S. Thus, I exclude the likes of Jack Palance and Adrien Brody, who were born in the U.S., though from foreign parents.

This list starts with the first Best Actor Oscar winner, Emil Jannings (born in Switzerland), and goes all the way through to the 2012 non-U.S. Academy Award winners, Jean Dujardin (a French actor) and Christopher Plummer (Canadian-born), who have won Oscars for a leading and supporting roles, respectively.
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I like when it rains in movies. And it often does, especially in films noirs -- it rains in every other one of them!

However, this is a list of movies where rain is mentioned in the title.
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In no particular order.
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Tyrone Power was the handsomest man ever, and an amazing actor. Here is a list of movies where he was particularly excellent, and the movies themselves are wonderful. This is just my opinion, of course. No order is observed.