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I'm impressed, 17 November 2005

These guys never cease to amaze me. Not only are they extremely talented and intelligent...but they are true to their music. That's definitely an attribute that's hard to find in a genuine musician these days.

To step up like they did and tell "them"--the people that make up this mold that we're all supposed to aspire to fit--that they were wrong. Not only are "they" denying the music of its full potential, they are hindering their very moneymakers--the artists themselves. People have tossed around these brilliant ideas only to be shot down by the people in control. Music itself should never have anyone or anything that's trying to control it, instead, it should be given room to grow to it's full potential. A true emotion felt in song cannot be controlled. It stands in all its glory unaided. It's a vicious self-destructive behavior of music industry executives. Ironic really that they pollute their products by taking the direction into their own uneducated and under-passionate hands. And the only reason they do this is because they fear putting out an unpolluted product in the first place. Contradicting Logic.

"Strong Enough to Break" is an graceful and yet candid portrayal of how this happens to artists everyday. It also shows the effect of outside supremacy on the artists themselves, and what consequently happens to the music. This is an audacious piece that's worthy of a voice, and a big one at that. They definitely have something to say. So, are you listening?