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Island of Death, 16 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think the worse thing Image could've done with their release of this flick is release it in a package with no screenshots or artwork, just the phrase "The Movie That The Censors Don't Want You To See." That just gives the impression to those who haven't seen it before that this little gem is as filthy as they come--which is not true, but it is pretty damn sleazy and bizarre, not to mention entertaining as hell.

Island of Death has scene after scene of weird violence and wicked sexcapades. Photographer Christopher and his "significant other" Celia decide to go on a thrill kill spree on a lovely little island, partly inspired by Christopher's God-fearing belief that he is ridding the world of perverts and heathens. With each successive kill they make, the couple's tolerance for the murder buzz gets higher, leading them to more extreme and bizarre acts. There's plenty of full-frontal fuzziness as they play twisted sex games with eachof their victims before they off them.

Standout scenes include the notorious rape and slaughter of a goat by Christopher as well as the splattery murder of two flamboyant homosexuals by means of sword and gun and the murder of two lesbians by sickle through the mammries and aerosol can flamethrower (yay!). The pair also sets up an airborne lynching of a soul brother detective who's been on their tail that is pretty sweet. Then there's the shock twist ending which makes this one worth the watch on its own.

A slandered film--probably due to unreasonable expectations of extreme on screen brutality by the viewer--Island of Death really is a standout example of the way an exploitation film should look and feel. Great twisted story with ample amounts of sleazy violence and general lack of political correctness make it a surefire winner--10/10

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Grindhouse XXX baby! Yeah!, 5 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sex Psycho takes the "I'll kill your spouse, you kill mine" staple plot device and turns it on its ear. Eva's husband and brother are doing the nasty and her side dish Nick buries a meat cleaver in hubby's neck while he's having gay sex with broham. The remaining three live ones have a mini-orgy and then Nick and Eva do it on the bed with the cadaver, giving Eva an opportunity to lean over and give the stiff a knob-slobber for old times sake.

Then John Jolmes and his old lady stop by the apartment for a quick suck & f'k-a-thon, natch. Then they leave. Then it's time for Eva to kill Nick's wife. While his wife is giving him a hummer, Eva creeps into the bedroom wielding the meat cleaver just as wifey looks up from her duties. A swing and a miss! Nick's dong gets severed and wifey chokes on it. The end.

Kinda thing makes ya proud to live in the good ol' U. S. of A., right? 9/10.

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decent porno horror, though not as good as Thriller: En Grym Film, 5 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Bo Abe Vibenius' follow-up to the film Thriller: En Grym Film, Breaking Point is not quite as good but delivers lots of hardcore sex, misogyny, and derangement of the senses. An office worker finds himself obsessed with women, eyeing them like the pieces of meat they are and having lurid daydreams about them which turn into paranoid delusions. Necrophilia is also on the menu as our hero bashes a whore in the head with an ashtray early on and scrumps her corpse. Another standout scene has our wage slave ejaculating into a teacup which he covers with plastic wrap and saves to make his secretary a cup of coffee (which she eagerly finishes!) Perhaps most disturbing is when he picks up a very young girl with surely bad intentions in mind, although he ultimately lets the little darling go free.

Vibenius employs lots of photographic tricks to pull some dreamy visuals--most are effective but soft focus is overused. The sex scenes are nothing very impressive but are nice to have in any film, so no complaints from me. The exploding bullet finale gave this flick a couple extra points in my book just because it was fun to see--8/10.

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Potent art-house rape/revenge sickie, 4 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Defenceless is quite a good rape/revenge film, though not at all what I had in mind. I have seen a lot of rape/revenge films and have been wanting to see this one and it was definitely the most original I've seen, skirting the lines between art-house and exploitation film-making. There is no dialogue in this feature length film but the plot is quite easy to follow, though in saying that know that the plot also takes a lot of turns and you must give it your attention. The score adds to the film an air of sophistication it may not have had otherwise.

There is a good amount of violence in this--much of it sexual in nature. Several graphic rapes are shown in snuff film-like detail and are only hampered by what I consider to be substandard vagina stabbings--not the fault of the performers in the scenes but obviously to blame on a low budget. The rapes are probably heavily influenced by European rape porn, but I consider that a good thing. There is gore in this which I have seen compared to H. G. Lewis, which is accurate... Nathan Schiff would also draw a close comparison. There are a couple meaty castrations, the aftermath of a bloody bathtub breast slicing, cannibalism, hacking to death with a sickle, and some other goodies.

The story is quite engaging, detailing the suffering and revenge of a woman who loses everything all because she won't sign a contract. The less you know of the plot, the better in the case of Defenceless--9/10.

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Nasty inhuman shocker, 4 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Despite an uncharacteristic long stretch without nudity or gore, Human Pork Chop is a highly respectable and powerful Cat III shocker that dredges the depths of on screen inhumanity and abuse.

A thieving heroin addicted hooker in Hong Kong takes up residence with a cutthroat pimp and ends up on his bad side. Owing the guy money, his low-life underlings beat her up and drag her to the pimp's house where she is to spend the rest of her miserable life. Sexually abused, humiliated, and forced to torture herself for heroin and food while the gang parties, drinks, and does drugs in front of her constantly using her for their occasional sick amusement. The pimp's wife, initially chilly to the girl, attempts to befriend her but tragically fails to act in time to save her life.

The performances in this one are all above average. The sick pathos of the gangsters, especially their cruel leader, coupled with the victim's sincerely nauseating plight and her utter hopelessness will make this one a hard film to sit through for some people. Especially nasty is a scene where the captive girl is forced to eat feces out of a toilet that won't flush. I have seen plenty of films--many worse than this--but not many really know how to twist the screws in you like this one does. Highly recommended--9/10.

The Image (1975)
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Fantastic SM erotica, 4 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This Metzger spectacle is all it's reputed to be and more, as beautifully lurid and cinematically stunning sadomasochistic fetish film as you're likely to come across.

Anne is a true submissive, she never says "no" despite the fact that she is often humiliated, tortured, and brought to tears. Her mistress and her mistress's studious male playmate run her through the spectrum of whipping, bondage, public masturbation spectacle, forced urination, needles, and hors d'oeuvre's insertion at a dinner party. Quite provocative stuff. It's all captured gorgeously along with Anne's screams and crying. Figure in also some achingly hot blow jobs given by Anne and a hot three-way with a clothing store salesgirl.

The ending was quite Sadeian and I didn't see it coming, but what a way to end it. Never a dull moment--10/10.

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Sie liebt dick, ja, ja, ja!, 29 August 2006

Johnny Wadd: A Real American Hero. He's a navy man shipwrecked on an island where a Nazi listening post is run by Hans, a stout kraut. He's also a man who is punished by having to do Seka. Oh, yeah--that's some punishment, uh huh...Yep, suuuuuuuure.

There are two American girls held captive by the Nazis on this island of which I speak. They are subjected to some rather tame torture--usually just being groped and sucked on by Ilsa and Greta, the two femiNazis on the island. Johnny does everybody, Hans makes him for his own amusement. Woo hoo.

Quite a bad one on Prisoner of Paradise, not much going for it, really unless you are an indiscriminate devourer of porn films. This film wasn't as rough or exploitive as I would have liked it to have been. No one puts in a good performance. This flick's okay for some real mild entertainment only--5/10.

Wei qing (1993)
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not too bad Cat III, 29 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Scrounging the lowest reaches of my unwatched pile of Cat IIIs led me to Fatal Love. Nothing is stunning or new here, but at least we get some decent full frontal shots and a few hateful female torture-killings. And the bad guy's name is Fuk Tin--how funny is that, huh? Maverick Debbie goes undercover for the Hong Kong police department to get the goods on this charming and suave Fuk Tin character who is a wealthy guy who deals drugs and likes to viciously kill women. He is an upstanding citizen in my eyes but not so for the cops. Debbie gets emotionally involved in her fake romance to the debonair dude and this leads to a decently scummy ending.

Fatal Love is far from essential stuff but it ain't that bad. For Cat III lovers it will be old hat, but it goes by like a breeze and doesn't leave too bad a taste in your mouth--7/10.

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VH1 should do an 'I Love The 80's' segment on this, 27 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

New Wave Hookers--the brainchild organization of two losers who watch too much porn...what a great idea! Everyone knows girls turn nympho listening to the hot sounds of Tito Larriva and The Plugz, why not put that knowledge to good use? Whore them out!

Freakshow Jamie Gillis is faux-Oriental speaking punk rocker Jimmy and along with his jive-talking, yellow jumpsuit-wearing buddy Jamal he goes into the pimping business. These girls make house calls and they don't even need to be compensated, they just need some good old New Wave (very important that it be New Wave music, soul music just won't cut it) and to be hooked up to the ho-ing machine. Together with Jamal's "dog"--a clairvoyant guy who sleeps on the floor and tells them when the phone is ringing--they serve customers including Peter North in a fez as a rich, gibberish-speaking sheik (with a choad shot that makes me envious of the man's ejaculatory prowess) and Tom Byron and Steve Powers (doing double duty as "The Dog") in a great scene as two geeks who DP Ginger Lynn.

The version of this I saw was snipped of the infamous Traci Lords scene, but that's fine by me as I have seen hundreds of underage girls in sexually explicit situations and I'm sure I'll see tons more before I die.

Gregory Dark is a director whose early work I am not very familiar with, but New Wave Hookers beats the pants off his later canon, including his award winning The Psychosexuals. The cinematography is quite good overall and the performers are all clearly enjoying themselves, making this a very fun flick to watch.

The 80s were a great time--this was made before that 90s craze that has all girls shaved bald or down to a landing strip, and everyone was still blissfully unaware of AIDS. And hey, remember when roller skates were big and clunky? They're in this movie, too! I love it--8/10.

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Visually strong but ultimately dull public rape spectacle, 27 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This fourth installment in the Subway Serial Rape series--"Lover Hunting"--is my second look at the series. The original film was not very interesting to me and neither was this one. The rape scenes in this one are edited better and have more visual panache but from what I've seen this film lacks something to make it stand out.

Lover Hunting deals with another rape on the subway where no passengers do anything to stop the rape from happening. In this one, a guy even starts taking pictures while the rape is happening. Later a journalist's "sting" operation is set up to sensationalize a set-up rape incident. This outing seemed to close to the original story (which was not terribly enthralling to begin with)--it was enough of a similarity that I don't care to shell out any more cash for volumes 2 and 3 which I have seen for sale. The Subway Rape series, in my opinion, is for completists only. I give this one a 6/10.

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