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Wanderlust (2012)
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Just awful!, 27 February 2012

My husband and I do enjoy comedies. We loved The Hangover and recently 21 Jump Street, but this movie was pathetic. I really thought it was going to be good by the first 1/2 hour of laughs. Well boy did the movie go downhill fast. In the beginning of the movie, the scenes when they were contemplating purchasing a 'microloft' were cute. The dialog and the singing in the car was hysterical. Other than that, we were sorry that we bothered to attend the screening. And there was no reason for having Alan Alda in the movie at all. My husband and I kept looking at each other as so many people around us were laughing throughout the movie. I am so glad that I didn't pay for this and would love to have the hours back that we wasted on line and viewing it.

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Don't waste your time, 26 May 2011

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I am always leery of sequels but this time I figured The Hangover was SO good, how could it go wrong? Well it did. Yes, the story was far-fetched like the first one, but this one was ridiculous. Stu is getting married and the whole crew flies to Thailand for the wedding. Stu didn't want to include Alan this time but was convinced that there will be no problems. Lauren, the bride has a 16 year old brother, Teddy, who flies with them from the states. Teddy is a genius and the family's cherished child. I found it difficult to watch Lauren's father belittling Stu all the time and Lauren just stood by. That got very 'old.' Before the wedding, Stu said that he didn't want to take any chances, so there would be no bachelor party. Somehow sitting by a bonfire and drinking beer, they got into trouble. And once again Mr. Chow turns up. They thought that he was dead after taking his pulse and hid him in an ice machine in a hotel. Yet miraculously later he is alive. And of course someone was lost and this time it was Teddy, the prodigal son. And this time they brought in a monkey who was cute at first but became very annoying. Yes this movie was disjointed like the first one but somehow it worked with the first, this time it didn't. The scenery is nice and it was interesting to see the city of Bangkok, but that was not enough. Yes there were laughs but if you want to see a fabulous comedy now, see Bridemaids, which is not a chick flick.

Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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Great comedy!, 14 April 2011

My husband and I went to a screening with few expectations because lately the comedies have been awful. We were very pleasantly surprised! The three main characters were developed very well and their relationships were portrayed very believably. Maya and Kristen grew up together and Maya is getting married. A new friend has taken over, which upsets Kristen. She is not in a good place at the time and needs Maya, who is not available like she had been in the past. We haven't laughed out loud so much in a long time, but you do feel Kristen's pain throughout the movie. The bridal salon scene is absolutely hysterical and people were still talking about it on the way out of the movie. Don't miss this one!

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Very different, don't miss it, 21 February 2011

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excellent casting. great interaction between the characters. tim lippe is such a likable character i found myself rooting for him throughout the movie. he doesn't know what to do when he gets to the 'big' city of cedar rapids because this is so out of his comfort level. yet due to his naivety he opens to everyone. he is thrown into situations where he must make moral decisions which he must live with. i laughed from beginning to end but there were also very touching moments. tim is not used to dirty business secrets and has to deal with new them in his own way even tough he disapproves. don't miss it! and stay for the credits don't rush out! keep ed helms movies coming, he is fabulous.

Unknown (2011/I)
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Don't bother, 19 February 2011

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the movie was very predictable and all over the place. there was the obligatory chase scene and then a second one. thankfully the second one wasn't as ridiculous as the first. and i had no clue until about 10 minutes from the end what the whole thing was about, and it was very far-fetched. don't bother! glad i didn't pay for it!i am so disappointed because i really liked liam neeson's older works. he needs to select better films because his talent is going to waste. January jones had a very small part so don;t see it because of her. diane kruger was excellent and i hope o see her in more files. she was the only believable character. the whole film is based on the fact that liam's character who is presenting a paper in berlin, leaves his briefcase at the airport when they first arrive. if you were speaking , wouldn't you make sure that you had your briefcase? so far-fetched!

The Rocker (2008)
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Don't miss, 20 June 2008

I have seen no publicity so far about this movie so we were very pleasantly surprised with it when we attended a screening last night. There are laughs from beginning to end. You really feel for Fish throughout the movie because everyone can relate to him; we all have had unfulfilled dreams at least once in our lives. This movie will appeal to all ages as was evidenced by the applause at the end and from peoples' great comments to the promoters after the show. It is very refreshing to see a movie with no sex or violence that everyone can enjoy. The interaction between the characters is totally believable and throughout the movie you will find yourself rooting for Fish and the band.

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It was just OK, don't rush, 30 November 2007

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My husband and I both thought it was just OK, yet lots of people in the theater loved it. The basic premise was fine, with the husband, Jerry, sending notes after he passed away to the mourning wife. My husband did not find that too believable though. One part in particular, about how they met in Ireland, seemed draggy, could have been shortened and should have been placed earlier in the movie because it may have cleared up some things and would have made the movie flow better. The acting was good, Hillary seemed real yet with the problems that they had at the beginning, it was a bit difficult to feel sorry for her. Kathy Bates was good but again, you don't find out until later in the movie, why she doesn't like Jerry; you keep wondering why she is so unsympathetic to Hillary. There were some teary-eyed moments, but it is not a tear jerker. The scenery is beautiful in parts.