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This show is great, don't listen to the tool, listen to TOOL, 14 July 2006

Moral Orel is a sterling example of satire, aimed at everything. But there's always someone who doesn't get it and has to force his confused opinions on everyone by way of slandering the show on it's own review page. You don't get funny. I get it. Everyone else who read your short-sighted review got it. Dino is great, from the old Conan show to Audition and Call-In show on Mr. Show. But you probably didn't get the funny on that either. Not only is Moral Orel strengthened by wit and balls, it features JAY JOHNSON, a hero to most who've seen him in the few outlets we've received, Mr. Show, a wordless Anchorman, Arrested Development and American Misfits. That man is brilliant, deserves mountains of accolades, and Scott Adsit is pretty god damned funny, too. Don't f**k with my morals or my Moral - I'm not a forgiving man.

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One of the finest..., 16 November 2005

Certainly one of the most hilarious films of all time. Excellent original music, clever,'s hard to be articulate about something this good. There isn't one character that you don't instantly love to watch- Myronex "Putney, there's trouble in the black room!" "My name is Rufus." The lines, thrown away left and right, are classics themselves, recalling Slapshot, Caddyshack, Anchorman, Repoman, Dolemite, any comedy whose dialog is not of the formulaic set-up punchline variety. "Putney, Myronex called you tasteless!" "My organization is pro-integration..." "Where's Lopez? 'He's in my head'" They don't sound brilliant until you hear them in the context of the scene. ...This movie will eat your brain, it's too good. I've read reviews calling this film racist, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Every scene is gold, from the Etherial Cereal commercial to the Brothers In the Black Room meeting to that haunting trumpet in the closing scene. One word - genius.