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Desperation (2006) (TV)
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All in all, pretty good., 24 May 2006

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I was debating watching this new mini, but I'm glad I did. I like the book, with some reservations. I hate the way Stephen King kills off small children. That just doesn't set well with me. Having said that, it is still a good story and is well written. The t.v. adaptation was very true to the book and I thought well put together. Mr. King is certainly improving his screen play writing abilities. The dialog flowed well and was easy to follow, as opposed to "The Stand" (which I dearly love despite its many flaws) where sometimes the dialog left you wondering if the characters were even in the same scene.

I found the scenes with the spiders and snakes to be especially scary and well done. I thought the acting was good and Ron Perlman's performance was excellent. As usual, there was enough humor at the right times to break the tension where needed. Overall, a good result.