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E-Ring (2005–2006)
Master Sargent Pierce
16 November 2005
I cant seem to catch sight long enough to see if she has 3 or 4 hash marks (one for each 4 years of service) but I do see one thing that never has(or ever will) happened in the USMC. E-8 and not one (1) good conduct ribbon. Come on. Also there is the little thing of the security clearance. This position requires a minimum of a Top Secret/Single Scope Background investigation and I know from personal experience that with no good conduct ribbons she would never have been given that position. Whoever is doing the technical stuff on this program (as with most military programs) is missing out on a lot of stuff.). I did 26 years in the US Navy and these military shows are popular with us old guys just so we can pick out the errors. Also her ribbons are out of precedence order. Give this woman her proper honors.
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