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A movie that had the balls to be made in this area, 16 November 2005

I have read some of these comments on this website ad please do not be fooled by some of the reviews. was at The Chicago screening and it was amazing everyone loved it. The person was a small minority if at all he or she was even there. Be warned there are lot of people that do not want you to see this movie. Because it questions everything the government does not want you to question!!!! What you are reading ( the negative reviews) are people trying to stop this movie from being seen. Please make up your own mind if you have enough sense. It is beyond John Waters, beyond anything you can believe and the cast is just the icing on the top. And for all you right wingers on this site trying to do damage on this site please go somewhere else...See this movie it is heartfelt, sleazy, funny and a laugh riot!!!