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I have two successful lists up so far: The 56 Sexiest Movies Ever Made and The Worst Movies I Have Ever Seen. Since I am such an avid user and voter on this site (and have been for quite a few years), I thought that I should compile my personal 200 favorite movies thus far. As all personal lists do as well as the IMDB Top 250 List, this list shall periodically change as I see new movies that take the coveted top spots. This list is not in order unless I state otherwise in the each movie's individual comments. Happy reading everyone!
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I grew up in the 90's, when bad television and movies were ubiquitous and life was great. I don't mind that not all of my favorite movies are Shakespeare in quality or The Godfather in style. Yes, one of my favorite movies is Ever After with Drew Barrymore. I love that film (and not only because I grew up with it!) The movie perfectly fits my ideal genre of movie: romance, fantasy, period, adventure, and comedy. But anyway, I decided to make a list of all the movies that are not only "guilty-pleasures" for me but are movies I don't mind admitting to the rest of the world that I adore.
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A list of the short films I have seen along with my rating.
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Normally, I lean towards the classics when deciding what to watch. However, my guilty pleasures are sexy romances. Not erotica, but movies where you really shouldn't watch with other people. So, in no particular order, here are "the sexiest movies ever made." NOTE: I understand there are some unofficial super sexy movies out there i.e., Out Of Sight, Body Heat, Basic Instinct, Gone With The Wind, Dirty Dancing, Unfaithful, Eyes Wide Shut, etc. However, I have never seen them (I have a life that doesn't only involve watching movies), therefore, they are not included. Also, movies that are considered to be the most romantic movies of all time that I HAVE seen, i.e., Casablanca, Pretty Woman, Shakespeare In Love, Romeo And Juliet, Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind, and West Side Story, are not included on here because I honestly found them to be incredibly romantic, but not incredibly "sexy." P.S. I hated Love Story. It's not included.
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Usually restricted to things like The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and the Vicar of Dibley.
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This list is mainly for me to keep track of all the television shows I watch and how I rate them. Since I have a habit to start a show and stop watching it mid-way, I would like it to be listed here in order to remind me that I should probably get back to watching it. When I finish a series, I can remove it from this list (and add it to another list of "Completed Shows" that I have). DROPPED Series are included!!! What I have learned from this experience: 1.) I watch a lot of television 2.) I have SERIOUS ADD. Like... it's really bad.
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Video games I've played
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This is my personal list to keep track of what movies I watched in a movie theater. That's basically it.

1.) I like animated movies... a lot
2.) It is quite clear I was born in the early 1990s (1991 to be exact).
3.) My family, whether it was my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc, LOVED taking me to see multi-millions of dollars blockbusters.
4.) My theater-viewing history is a reflection of cinema quality of the 21st century. We are so bombarded with movies coming out week after week that no longer is every movie a special treat.
No longer are movies required to be great or even of good quality.
As long as companies turn out a product that hits the prime theater-going demographic: families and young adults, then they did their job. Film as an artistic medium died nearly forty years ago.

....and finally 5.) This list is not truly reflective of my actual movie preferences. If I was older, much older, my childhood movies wouldn't have consisted of Ice Princess or Beauty Shop; instead, I would have fewer, but better movies like It's a Wonderful Life and Pinocchio.

P.S. In the movie notes, I wrote down who I saw this movie with.
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A list of the best episodes from television series I watch.
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This is a ongoing list of the worst movies I have ever had the misfortune to sit through. Many of these movies are obvious clunkers but there are some movies here that might surprise you.
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These are the movies/mini-series that I thought were the best of the best and gave a rating of a 10. It is a very eclectic mix that reflects my strange taste!
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Listed in favorite order. *updated as I watch more seasons*
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Just another list used for organizing.
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This is a list of the mini-series that I have watched or plan to watch in the near future. I have been in a mini-series mood as of late so I expect a lot more mini-series will be added to this list!
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Wow... what? How many of these lists are there on IMDB? Billions. Well, I've read them all! And don't we all love finding a new Holiday classic?
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This is a list of the men I find unbelievably attractive, in no particular order. This list also made me realize that I am generally attracted to dark, tall, brunette men... nice :D