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its all good, 22 December 2006

this movie is so good to see. i saw it last week with my dad and i wanted my mom to see it as well. i want to buy it for Christmas even! it made me cry because of the great acting cast and storyline as well as the script. this movie feels like home to me and i love the way it is filmed in Toronto, Canada but set in Iowa, USA. i love the snow scenes. everybody did a terrific job on this movie and i congratulate them all. i wish it was shown every year in December and made a big deal of like other Christmas movies are, like "The Santa Clause". somehow this movie made me to want to keep watching, even though i knew it would entail a happy ending. i like movies with happy endings. this movie is so cool and i recommend it to every family out there who believe in the spirit of Christmas.

Holy Man (1998)
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Holy Man!, 23 June 2006

I saw this great movie yesterday evening. My mom + I hired it out, along with other DVDs and I'm so glad I chose this one! I believe this movie has a few messages: they are meaningful + things to consider and really think about. First off, Kate is a very kind and compassionate character. As the viewer of the movie, we are positioned to like her. This I totally agree with because I think everyone should be like Kate - she has lovely qualities. When she stands up for her rights as a human and says: "I'm not going to sell my soul" I really like that. That's how everybody should think. Why should individuals give in to money (and business) and simultaneously sell their soul, their integrity, their self as a whole? Well, they should not. But it happens so it's ultimately up to the individual to make their own choices, right or wrong. Kate is empathetic towards G and she feels that G should not be made to do the shows purely to save someone else's ass. She also feels that the business is just using him as a way for their success to be fruitful again. Although, G doesn't mind doing the shows because he says he wants to do them for Ricky. So Kate walks away from the whole business and I think it's great that she does this cos she shows us what it's like to have integrity. But this movie teaches one that when you're in trouble and you pray for help, God is always there to help you - G is in trouble at work so he prays sincerely and G turns up! There are other beautiful messages too. You can work them out. In the end, Ricky listens to Kate's benevolent example and lets G go. Kate falls in love with Ricky once again and here we have a wonderful happy ending. I just love movies with happy endings. I recommend this movie to anyone that believes in integrity.

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tuck everlasting..., 8 January 2006

i just finished seeing this movie. it made me cry almost. i loved it soooo much. it took me to a place where utopia becomes tangible. i loved that it had so many great morals woven in and through it. it was very touching and beautiful. the ending was brilliant! coz it was how it begun. and how it began was a bit confusing coz i didn't know who the hottt! guy was or why he was on a bike etc. but in the end, everything made cents!! nah, i mean sense and i just loved it. now i gotta read the book coz the movie was soooo compelling. alexis bledel acted very well and so did every other actor in the movie. the writer had benevolent intentions when she wrote this book and I'm so glad that it got made into a movie.