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Love, Glitter and awesome Soundtrack, 2 January 2006

This is a brilliant movie. Though it might seem like you need to be gay, bisexual, fond of scandal or a glam lover in order to enjoy it, it isn't really like that. I am none of the things above and still found this movie to be excellent. From the make up and clothes to the music and excellent performances, not a second of the movie is to be wasted. When my sister came across a VHS copy for sale and had everybody turn around to see who had died -jugding by her scream- I thought she was exaggerating. Well, she wasn't. This is one of the best movies you can ever get. And I repeat, you don't need to be gay to love it. After all, what's really beautiful about the relationship between Brian and Curt is not that they're both men, it's how much the love each other. When Brian sees Curt performing on stage for the first time, and he stares at him with such love... well, it's difficult to find a scene from any movie that beats that one. Plus, it's a celebration of color. All that glitters isn't gay, all that glitters is wonderful!

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Graden State, 13 December 2005

My teacher ( or the person who expects me to become a script writer at some point in a distant future) always tells me it's not about what happens between the characters, but about the bond between them. There's something about bonds between Zach Braff's character and the others in this movie that I find believable and deep and special. This is a unique movie, not because it has scenes or techniques or characters that have never been seen before, or because it's true to life (I doubt, by the way, this was Braff's intention), or because it portrays people in their twenties, or a place, or the effects of lithium. It doesn't portray anything but what Braff wanted to see happen on a screen, and to some (me included) it's an enjoyable experience. I didn't relate to this movie (or maybe I did and I find it hard to admit it) but it's not the point whether you relate. You don't have to be an Osborn kid to feel the need to scream as loud as you can once in a while... and if you feel you do, you don't know what you're missing. It's not a great movie, and it wont change your life, but it's very nice to watch.

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An Argentinian view, 13 November 2005

The first thing I'd like to say is I've been reading people's comments about this movie, and I'm really touched at how much people round the world know about the worst period in Argentinian history. As regards the movie itself, I wouldn't like to disrespect anyone, but I think it is a lousy portrayal of real events. I agree with someone that the title allows for the viewer to expect a free interpretation rather than an accurate historical account. I disagree with someone about the images of torture being too many and too cruel. I think they were too soft. I've seen at least twenty Argentinian movies dealing with this topic (actually, I'd say nine out of ten Argentinian movies have at least one referent to it). The point is, no one can make a movie about "El Proceso" but an Argentinian citizen. It's nothing to be proud of, but it's our burden. I didn't have anyone missing, but I grew up with this, and it'll never be over for us. I understand the good intentions of everyone involved in this movie, and I think it's important that people in other countries let the world find out what happened here, but if you really want to know, you should see local accounts, without fake accents (subtitles are not that bad once you get used to them). Oh, and just for the record, the oppressors were ten times more somber and disgusting than what the movie shows. Most of them still feel the same way about everything they did, and as someone said, justice in this country is a lost cause. I just pray it never happens again. Thanks for reading.