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New Tricks (2003– )
5 June 2006
Bizarre and fun, New Tricks doesn't take itself too seriously, which is why it doesn't get bogged down in the mire that so many American cop shows do. Nothing against American TV, it's produced some hilarious shows, (Arrested Development and Friends come immediately to mind). But this particular type of gentle comedy / drama can only be done by the Brits. Eccentric, charismatic characters, quirky situations and witty dialogue are the strong points. Erratic pace and stereotypical minor characters are the main weaknesses. I find the problems with this show can be overlooked because it's willing to laugh at itself. I think it's great. The actors are right at home and it's sharp and original. Go for it, watch it, why not.
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Performance: King Lear (1998)
Season 6, Episode 1
Well, why not.
17 May 2006
I also saw this for year 12 English and it's definitely a bit all over the shop. Excessive yelling and crying, a very old Fool and a very loud storm scene are the main drawbacks. However, worth watching for the setting, which seems to be a big red painted roofless world of walls, and the simple choreography of the actors' movements, Amanda Redman's fun performance as Regan, good work from David Burke as Kent, Edmund who is perfectly watchable, and an interesting interpretation of Gonerill if you're looking at it from a feminist perspective. More symbolic than realistic. Can you tell I've just finished studying it? I thought it was a bit of fun, which is probably the wrong reaction to one of the world's greatest tragedies, but what the heck. Why on earth not.
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