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How Sad, 8 April 2007

WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!?!?! How sad an actor as tremendously talented as Michael Rapaport- who stole our hearts in "Mighty Aphrodite" and fascinated us in "Ill Town"- has sunk to this pathetic level. The writing on this sitcom is the crust left on the bottom of the barrel after it has been scraped. Shame on all involved. There is a trend: major movie actors that are no longer hot merchandise are turning to TV- often with disastrous results (reference the stinkaroos on CBS and NBC; however, ABC has a hit with "Boston Legal"- hip writing and great nostalgic use of Bill Shatner). To waste Michael Rapaport in this "All In The Family" rip-off is an insult to viewers and mostly Michael himself.

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Heaven, 14 May 2006

I know what Heaven is...Heaven is where they show endless, back-to-back episodes of Father Ted, non-stop, for all eternity. Now I'm going to be a good little girl, behaving well and obeying the Ten Commanments. That way, when I die, I'll go straight to Heaven, completely bypassing Purgatory (where they only run Seinfeld episodes). When in Heaven, I'll take my seat right there in the front row in the Heavenly Rec Room, right in front of THE VERY BIGGEST BIG SCREEN T.V. Wait...who's that blasted chain-smoker sitting next to me?! Why its Dermot Morgan!!! And because its Heaven, his smoke doesn't bother me in the least!!! And there we'll sit, watching eternal episodes of Father Ted...a very good reason to be at your very best behavior whilst still here on good ol' Terra Firma!

"Emeril" (2000)
Awful!, 9 April 2006

Emeril is a tremendously talented chef ala artiste, but a comedic actor (or actor period) he's not. This mess is a terribly formulaic take on Emeril's actual Food Channel cooking show (a joy of a show and where Emeril belongs). To make up for Emeril's lack of acting ability, the producers surrounded him with crisp, timing-savvy comedic can almost hear the snare drum and cymbals after every punchline. Robert Urich lent a legitimate "big-name" which evoked nostalgic sympathy for the cancer victim. Plots lines are trite and "text-book", and yet infantile (those excruciatingly bad baldy wigs in episode #1). Painful to watch, thank God this mistake was taken off the burner before it became completely overdone and rancid.