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A love story & a little girls wish for a mum for the holidays, 12 November 2005

This is a wonderful film for all the family. Its about an 11 year old girl called Jessica that spends a lot of time walking around a large department store watching other girls shopping with their Mums, Jessicas Mum died when Jessica was only 3 years old. Jessica gets a free gift from the stores wishing well & she wishes for a Mom for the holidays. Olivia plays a manikin in the store & comes to life at midnight to be Jessicas Mum till midnight Christmas Eve. My 4 children and I watch it every year and we love it. I first saw it in 1995 and I recorded it off the television. I would love to own this film on Video or DVD. Olivia plays an excellent leading role in this film. The film is packed with Christmas magic as well as being a love story. I have another Christmas film with Olivia playing the starring role, A Holiday Romance, which is another Christmas love story which we all enjoy.