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A slightly different Jeunet...
14 November 2005
This is a short film that is more proper to be seen after watching most of Jeunet's movies, because it brings out a darker and more bizarre side of the director's imagination. Anyway, the plot is about a number of soldiers waiting for something unknown, but certain things happen in the bunker where they are, and in some weird state of panic kill each other… you realize what is going on in the end when the digits show up, and understand the purpose(less) of their acts. The point of the film is not quickly reachable, but it is not that striking anyway. The primary beauty of this film lies in the way it was shot. All these details, color effects, sounds simulating psychical state and movements give a certain atmosphere of the dimension the film creates. I would even say that I got the idea that Aronofsky, in Pi, has stolen (in terms of technical appearance) much of what can be seen in "The Bunker of the Last Gunshots", especially the concepts with the bugs, machines, and sound effects. Oh yes, and the bold heads.
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Foutaises (1989)
An innocent feeling of joy
14 November 2005
"Foutasies" is one of the best short films I have ever seen, the real basis for watching further Jeunet films. A part of the world that this innovative director creates in this film is later developed in Amelie, so if you liked Amelie, you will like Foutasies as well. In this movie, the director gives you an insight to all likes and dislikes of the protagonist (played beautifully by Pinon) but in a very imaginative well-structured order. While we see Pinon's enjoyments and nightmares in black and white, Jeunet gives fine- crafted representations of innocence of children, fears etc, summarizing them all in a delightful ending. In these 8 minutes of duration, Jeunet will manage to pass a very innocent feeling of joy to you and an instant smile on your face.
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