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Music Dancing Animals Horses Very Enjoyable 60s Musical, 29 December 2013

This is a neat little film with plenty of music and dancing featuring Billy Fury and Amanda Barrie. It is set in the musical 60s in the UK and the majority of the filming was done on the East coast in Norfolk along with some scenes at Shepperton Studios and Epsom Racecourse. The film opens at the remote Stracey Arms Mill and the Branch Road turning near Halvergate. Next location is The Royality Theatre in Great Yarmouth along with the racecourse and seafront. In case you were wondering where the lifting road bridge, in which the cast drive over in an old Seagull coach was, it is The Haven Bridge in Great Yarmouth and it is interesting to see the old tramway tracks that ran along the quay until the early 70s. Incidentally Seagull Coaches were based in the town and united with Caroline Coaches to form Caroline Seagull Coaches in Great Yarmouth until just a few years ago when they went into liquidation after several years operation in the town. Children would probably love this film with all the animals, horses and dancing although now a little dated but nevertheless still enjoyable. Some good parts played by Fury & Barrie and watch out for a cameo role by the late Jon Pertwee.

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...A pile of half sun-baked dog dirt!, 27 July 2006

This movie really is the pits. I don't know if a load of college gin-ks have got together to make this pile of half sun-baked dog dirt but it really is truly painful to watch. We see from the start of the film some edgy CGI war plane effects, followed by a load of greased-up unknown actors in dodgy war clothes prancing up and down in what looks like someone's back garden or a public park, to some very dodgy hand grenade explosions and fire crackers from all the toy guns everyone is holding. They look like a bunch of weekend warriors. There are some occasional nice cool acting scenes but only sporadically and these are generally followed by cheesy one liners such as "Sir, I think there is another one!" Keep an eye on the graveyard and you'll notice some of the grave stones wobble about like polystyrene blocks when the actors fall behind them, probably because they are just that. The editing is just as painful and the watcher finds it difficult to assess the scenes that are amateurishly put together becoming lost in the boring and pointless plot. The "monsters" are not scary and look like something out of the local amateur dramatics looking face masks and all! This is one movie to avoid. Only watch if you are a die hard weekend warrior or 'B' movie fan . Ouch! Where is the aspirin?

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"No real point or sense of direction...leads nowhere!", 22 February 2006

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This is one of those tedious TV films that every once in a while are made with no real point or sense of direction. We see a rather "out of place" Joe Don Baker arrive in a fictional English town, (it's actually Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft on the east coast of England), to coach a team of English student soccer players the sport of American football. The team are put through a rigorous training routine for a game of American Football. The film, (or rather ScreenTwo Play), really does lead nowhere and there are numerous continuetty errors, not that it really matters for this dull affair, however fans of the sport may enjoy this and those that live or work in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft will no doubt recognise some of the locations.