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Greatest Western TV Series, 2 March 2011

"HOW THE WEST WAS WON" Was first - to my knowledge - a Louis L'Amour story. Louis was a storyteller and novelist who started his career in the 1940's. He wrote simple stories for magazines. He did this until he learned to do more.

The 1962 movie is much more true to the novel.

That being said,. I Love the TV Series. Jim Arness, all 6 foot 4 of him, Bruce, the kid who learns his lessons and marries his co-star, the scene where Arness tosses his knife underhand in the bushes and sticks the bad guy in the belly...

How The West Was Won the TV series is much more Jerimiah Johnson with family obligations. It's great and I love it.

I hope you will all see both the 1962 movie, and the 1979 TV series. The movie is Louis L'Amour's novel. The TV series is a wonderful adaptation beyond that.