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Zamaanat (2016)
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Don't believe the other reviewer, 19 September 2014

I was surprised to see a review of this movie since i have been waiting for this movie for over 15 years now. I mean come on... if you want to try to impress people with your knowledge of films at least don't make stuff up. This movie has not been released (at least not till this review was written). The movie was completed. The director S. Raamanathan who made some great classic comedies even died but still not released. So i wonder how someone can comment on the performances of the artists. This happens often and i would never have commented but i just had to because this IS AN AMITABH BACHCHAN MOVIE. And released or not released... you don't mess with The Bachchan!!!!

Sharaabi (1984)
Inspired remake, 8 September 2012

This is a classic example of how a good movie can be inspired by another movie and not be a remake. Inspired by the Dudley Moore movie Arthur, this Prakash Mehra directed movie is Indianised. And done very well! After Namak Halaal and Muqadder ka Sikander this is my fave Amitabh-Prakash Mehra movie. The movie costars Jaya Pradha, Smita Patil, Pran, Om Prakash, Ranjeet, Satyen Kappu. Even Suresh Oberoi is watchable in a cameo. The guy who was Amitabh jr in Muqadder ka Sikander (Mayur i think) also has a part in this movie. Music by Bappi Lahiri is okay. Dede pyaar de and Mujhe Naulakha manga de re were hits. Def worth a watch. Even worth repeating.

Shart (1986)
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great thriller, 21 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are two kind of thrillers. The "whodunnit"or suspense thriller and the psychological thriller. Bollywood has produced quite a few of the first ranging in quality from very, very good (Gumnaam), to good (like 100 Days, remake of The Eyes Of Laura Mars) to plain stupid (too many). Very rarely did they try the latter. But when they did, it turned out to be quite good like Rajesh Khanna's Red Rose and this movie by the nephew of the evergreen Dev Anand, Ketan Anand. Years before Hollywood turned out the serial killer routine movies Ketan Anand made this movie which is about a serial killer. Okay, we know Nasseerudin is the killer and we know why he kills but thats not what the movie is about. In the thriller series Columbo, we know who is the killer, how they did it and that Columbo will catch ye culprit. Bappi Lahiri was great (this was before the Himmatwala days when Bappida still made some great songs), Kanwaljeet and Shabana Azmi are not bad but the movie belongs to Shah! One of the girls whose pictures are on the wall as a victem was the unknown Sonu Walia who would later become an "actress"herself. Well, actress... she appeared in some movies (that doesn't make someone in actor or actress. Worth repeat watching

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waiting for this for years..., 29 October 2011

man was i afraid to watch this movie. I thought that Hema Malini would remake the mini series LACE 2 in which Phoebe Cates tries to find out who her father is. I thought this because Hema her first movie as a director DIL AASHNA HAI was a remake of LACE 1. But i was pleasantly surprised. Esha Deol is adopted by Farooque Sheikh and Deepti Naval and tries to find out who her father is Vinod Khanna, Risshi Kapoor or Dharmendra... Esha Deol gives a good performance, one of her best so far, Vinod Khanna is okay, Rishi Kapoor is okay (I am a big Rishi fan, but this is not one of his best movies). They did this movie specially for Hema Malini. But the best part of this movie? Man that is seeing one of the greatest team ever to hit Bollywood together again on screen. I mean Dharmendra and Hema Malini. Seeing them brings back memories of all those classic films. They are a bit older but the chemistry and charm is still there. I hope they do make another movie together

Aradhana (1969)
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to each his own, 1 September 2010

Let me start by saying that this is a masterpiece and arguably Rajesh Kahnna's best film ever along with Anand. The music is legendary and this was also Kishore Kumars comeback movie after actor Om Prakash had cursed him because Kishore would not act in his m ovie. The story about a girl (Sharmila) who falls in love with an army afficer (Rajesh Khanna) who dies while leaving her pregnant was unique in Bollywood. Especially the entry of her son after approx 20 years (also Rajesh Khanna) and the moving climax. I love classic movies and watch black and white movies regularly. Big was my surprise when i saw the movie TO EACH HIS OWN - a black and white gem of a movie in which a girl gets pregnant by an army officer who dies, she has to give up the child and meets him approx 20 years later. But believe it or not the climax of this movie is even better than Aradhana and they don't even use a song like Chanda Hai Tu. You must watch this gem of a movie.

Saagar (1985)
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dimple goes topless in this classic, 1 April 2010

This was supposed to be the movie with which Dimple Kapadia would make her comeback. it had everything going for it. The Rishi Kapoor-Dimple Kapadia Jodi, Kamal Hassan right from Ek Duje Ke Liye, a director like Ramesh Sippy (Sholay, Shaan, Shakti, Seeta aur Geeta, Andaz) music by RD Burman but the movie got delayed. The director and Dimple also fell in love but it would not end happily. This movie is a love triangle. Kamal Hassan is in love with his childhood friend Dimple. She sees him as her best friend. Dimple meets Rishi and both fall in love. Rishi and Kamal get to know each other and become friends. When Rishi comes to know that Kamal loves Dimple he scrified his love. But thats not the end. On paper it may sound cliché but this movie is one of the best love stoeries ever. You actually also see Dimple in a topless scene, for a brief moment but the pause button will give youa chance to relive it. The best thing about Ramesh Sippys movies are the death scenes which are always brilliant (Amitabh in Sholay, Sunil Dutt in Shaan, Amitabh in Shakti, Jacjie, Meenakshi, Aditya Pancholi in Akayla,Rajesh Khanna in Andaz) and this movie is no different. The acting is superb as always. Add to it that you have one of the best directors of Bollywood and one of the best actors ever (Rishi Kapoor). Music by RD Burman has evergreen songs by Kishore Kumar, Lata, SP Balasubrahmanium. Songs like Saagar Kinare Dil jeh Pukare are sung even today. Worth a watch over and over again.Rishi kapoor, Dimple, Kamal Hassan, Saeed Jaffrey, Madhur Jaffrey, Nadira, Shafi Imaandaar, Satish Kaushik all are good.

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one of the best remakes ever, 1 April 2010

This movie by Ramesh Behl (Rose movies) is actually one of the best remakes Bollywood has ever made of a Hollywood movie. Everything in this movie just fell into place. I mean the acting is superb, the casting is very good, the cast itself is phenomenal. But then again we are talking about Rishi Kapoor so that should be normal, the guy is always good even if the movie isn't. Rishi Kapoor is the son of a rich Raakhee Gulzar. He falls in love with a poor singer, Poonam Dhillon. They want to get married. At first Raakhee objects but finally agrees. Before they get married they get in a car accident and Poonam her face get smashed. Rishi thinks she has died and Raakhee has her sent away so that Rishi can get married to another rich girl Sarika (okay so the movie isn't perfect). Shammi Kapoor, a doctor, performs plastic surgery on Poonam and after he does she becomes Tina Munim. When Rishi and Tina meet something happens. Rishi cant explain why but he wants to be close to her not knowing Tina is actually Poonam. Nice thing is that Poonam and Tina have the same voice in the movie. Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan had dubbed for both actresses and it works very very well. All the songs sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle under music direction of RD Burman are evergreen classics : Milgayee Aaj Kuch Lehren, Aesa Kabhi Huwa Nahin, Jeene Ko Toh Jeete Hai Sabhi but the best of the lot is the title song TU TU HAI WOHI DILNE JISE APNA KAHAN TU HAI JAHAN MAIN HOON WAHAN ABE TOH JEH JEENA TERE BIN HAI SAZAA which gets remixed even today. Watch this movie, better, buy this movie

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typical 70s movie, 1 April 2010

This is a typical 70s movie with a hit team. 2 brothers get separated at birth, grow up. have a fallout with each other not knowing they are brothers (Rishi Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan), one of them falls in love (Rishi and Neetu Singh), finally get to know they are brothers and get the villains. That was the story for 80% of the film in the 70s. What set the films apart from each other were the production values, the cast and the songs. production values here are good, the cast was great (you had the hit jodi of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh and the lucky pair of Rishi kapoor and Rakesh Roshan after Khel Khel Mein but before their best -Aap Ke Deewane) and the music by RD Burman is good. Especially the Kishore-Asha trach Barah Bajegi Suyon jaise Hum Dono Miljaye. definitely worth a watch

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Good remake of Ingrid Bergman movie, 1 April 2010

This movie has several things going for it. For starters it has a nice story (original for a Hindi film). Well, original? It's actually a remake of a Ingrid Bergman movie (i think it was Goodbye Again) also starring that guy from Psycho. In this movie Raakhee Gulzar (in Ingrid Bergmans role) falls for a younger man (Rishi Kapoor) who is engaged to be married (Neetu Singh). But this being a Hindi movie she has a reason : Rishi Kapoor resembles her deads lover Shashi Kapoor (GREAT casting). Parikshat Sahni and Simmi Gare wal give nice support. The cast in this Yash Chopra film (Shashi Kapoor, Raakhee, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Simmi Garewal and Parikshat Sahni is almost the same cast as in Yash Chopras Kabhi Kabhie minus Bachchan and Waheeda). The music in this film by Rajesh Roshan is just great. Evergreen songs bu Kishore, Rafi and Lata. Years later it was remade as Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya with Tabu in Raakhee's role, Govinda in Shashi Kapoors role and Govindas nephew in Rishis role. That movie was a pain in the...

Puraskar (1970)
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b a d, 2 March 2010

Though i like Joy Mukherjee films, at least some of them, this movie is really, really, really bad! The general idea of this movie has been done to death in Hindi movies (most recently in the Amitabh classic Hum with Kadar khan in the scientist role) but this movie not only takes the cake, it takes the kitchen! The general premise of the movie is taken from a Paul Newman / Edward Robinson classic. But whats more the title of this movie Puruskaar is a direct lift of that movie which is titled The Prize. Puruskaar is very cheap, amateurish and has really BAD acting. Besides Joy Mukherjee the movie stars I.S. Johar, Farida Jalaal and the always pleasing Faryal. Like those Biswajeet movies from yore, the hero is a secret agent trying to solve a case. I wont even go into the case... save yourself some money (or if you d......d movies, save yourself time and do not , i repeat, do not watch this movie.

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