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Excellent film that I can't write enough good stuff about it, 6 May 2006

Not entirely sure how I stumbled upon this movie, but I'm so glad I did. Initially, we were put off by the fact that it was subtitled, but even my dyslexic brother who hates to read (especially at the weekend) enjoyed this film. I found the script fantastic and the way it was delivered in such a dead-pan manner only added to the puddles of pee on my sofa. Not entirely sure whether it's quite so funny to the native Danish as the comedy seems to be enhanced by the tonelessness of the subtitles and the ambiguity of the translation. I haven't watched many Danish films (or any for that matter), but judging by this film I'm guessing they're not constrained by the same political correctness as elsewhere (gawd bless 'em) making the character of Eigel a breath of fresh air, because let's face it special needs are funny. There are so many great one-liners in this film it puts American sitcoms to shame.

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Somebody owes me some friends, 6 May 2006

My friends and I have an ongoing rivalry as to who rents out the best films and it's gonna take me a long time to recover from this rubbish. I watched this film with a bunch of mates but one-by-one everyone made their excuses and left. I reunited with them later on to find that I had a bunch of ex-mates who were bad-mouthing me and my taste in rentals. I'm a stubborn SOB so I watched this thing to the end. Because it was so bad I thought it had to have some kind of amazing ending, but I was gravely mistaken. I'd like to make reference to Hopper's and Madsen's performances but they were so brief and dispensable they're not worth mentioning. My advice is to not rent this film. If you've already rented it, just watch the trailers as the entire plot is summed up there. I like low budget-horror as much as the next man, but most ones that are this bad at least have the decency to include unnecessary lesbian scenes just to keep you interested... this had none. I recommend you use your time more productively, such as shoplifting (or photocopying money) as at least that way there's a chance of you getting something out of it.

TrashHouse (2005)
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So bad it brought my mate out in a rash, 6 May 2006

Please read this - it could save you time, money and mental anguish. I've watched some dog poo in my time, but this one takes the worm-ridden biscuit. Taking into account some of the the other comments posted about this film, I can only assume they're associated with the film, mates of people associated with the film or possibly four-thumbed inbreeds. The concept of the movie was an interesting one, but this was not backed up by the script/dialogue, which would have been more suited to an episode of Hollyoaks (if it was acted by "special" people). It's impossible to sit on the fence regarding the acting, as it was so wooden I would have been picking splinters out of my arse for a week. As per the aforementioned "special" people, only they would find the "special" effects to be "special". I only wish that I could have given it a negative score to counteract the blatant exaggeration of the insiders / inbreeds that have given this film a good review. Any comparisons to Bad Taste / Braindead are laughable, the only similarities being the size of the budget and not how they used it. On a separate note, my friend has thankfully now recovered from the unfortunate skin problem.