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One of a new genre of movies that treat gay themes in a positive light, 15 March 2006

The Reception has four principal characters and each has secrets-- enormous secrets. It is about a wealthy white woman, and her black, gay, male, live-in companion. It also features a visit from her daughter who is supposedly in the company of her new husband, also a black, gay, man. The photography is beautiful, but the plot seems implausible. Having given away two of the secrets, I will not spoil the movie by telling the other secrets. This movie belongs to a new genre of gay movies that treat gay themes in a positive light. It is artsy, creative, and low budget. We definitely have a great need for more movies of this kind. Unfortunately, the writer attempts to do far too much with the screen play, but it is a good movie and well worth viewing, at least once.

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An Important Film that provides good historic perspective on the treatment of homosexuality in film., 15 March 2006

"Tea and Sympathy" will offend many forward thinking people, but it is historically important. It provides good perspective for comparing the early twenty-first century to 1956--the time when this movie was made. The film is representative of people's sentiments during the 1950s. I came of age during this time as an effeminate lad who could not even talk with his parents about the stereotyping I experienced in grade or high school. Kids were cruel; so were many adults! Everyone needs a good dose of history, and this film provides it. Students of Gay and Lesbian Studies or film studies need to see this movie. No this is not a happy film, but neither is "Brokeback Mountain," which was set in the 1960s. "Tea and Sympathy" will not thrill anyone who prefers to forget unpleasant eras of history.