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Shelter (2007/II)
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You cant miss this, 5 May 2008

This film is truly enjoyable in all aspects. Its not a big millions of dollars production but is so well realized that once more we think and got sure that too much money isn't everything. The main roles are really believable, in special the main one: The "white trash" boy that re-connects with the old brother of his best friend that happens to be gay. The actor is superb in showing the feelings of an out teen phase that is in fact already a man full of responsibilities in life, always putting his fragile family (well, whats left of it) upfront his own life. Discovering and admitting who he really is.

Some say that Shawn (the older one and love of the main character) was too much patient but you know when we recognize in the other "a right one" in special in the harsh circunstances that the he lived. Patience in a relation is mandatory, of course when there's love.

The movie is about love and care .. and shows it 100% Its a movie for anyone, not only for gays ;) don't miss it.

Fantastic, 9 November 2005

All I want to say about this movie is that thank god a movie with a happy ending. It's refreshing a movie like that, because almost all the gay movies are or stereotyped or tragic.

It's a funny comedy about two men quite so different sometimes, but with some nice connection that grows with time - in fact one is the opposite of the other but at the same time not just in this order -really nice actors, nice quotes, fun to watch, to cry. An ordinary story that could be lived by me or you and with not so perfect people, people like us.

I hope to see more like this because positive vibrations are never too much.

So watch it! and buy it, it deserves to be kept forever.