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Great new Australian Romantic Comedy, 13 November 2005

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Marcus Graham as a nerdy, unsteady writer? Pip Mushin's debut film is risky for an Australian film. With so few rom/coms coming out of the Land Down Under being universal - let's face it, Aussies don't do romantic comedies very well - Josh Jarman is a breath of fresh air. Basically, boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy likes girl, girl's a party animal and the daughter of big time producer and needs stability in an unstable writer with few career prospects except daddy decides to take on the script. Then boy meets another girl. The producer makes changes and the script at the end is not quite what it began as and the writer is not sure if he wants to sell out or stay poor. The casting in this film is great - and the actors would have loved making this film because the dialog is excellent. Graham is a strong lead, Kym Gyngell is brilliant yet again. It's a very enjoyable movie that allows you to forget about your life and watch a story that is fun, extremely entertaining and very tongue in cheek. Highly recommend.

The Club (1980)
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Aussie Classic, 7 November 2005

This is simply a great Aussie film. Unfortunately, films are just not made this way anymore. Not only is it a great satire about a football club, which has probably not changed in 30 years, it is also a wonderful commentary on the commercialization of sport. Comparisons to sport and war are easy after seeing this film. Great performances from Jack Thompson, John Howard and Graham Kennedy as well as cameos from a few of Australia's footballing legends. Bruce Beresford's direction is superb, the theme song became legend and the film is one hilarious argument. It gets better every time you watch it and if you haven't seen it yet, you have to see it soon.