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Is it just me or are there more and more documentaries getting made each year? Maybe it's just that we all have cameras with us all of the time? Or, that there are so many more places to watch them--thank you, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube & dad for your HBONow login. ;) Lucky for me, these docs keep getting better and better, too. Now, if only there were more time in the day to watch them ALL!
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Whenever a kid sees a movie they like they watch it over and over and over again. We can all learn a lot from kids in this regard. If you find something you like, keep doing it (as long as you don't hurt anyone, right?)! Here's a list of movies from the past year that can uphold multiple viewings (whether you have children or not).
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Laughter was the best medicine for 2016.
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2016 got pretty heavy at times, so taking a page out of the Monty Python songbook, I'm going to look on "the bright side of life" and recall some of the more pleasant surprises from the past year.
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It was another good year for great biopics. Here's a list to prove it.
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A list of the top unproduced screenplays as voted on by film executives in 2015.
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Here are 10 movies that I love, LOVE! Their order changes from day to day, but they're always/often in the top of my list of all-time greats.
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A list of my favorite endings to movies that I love.
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I like TV, but my biggest problem with TV is that I don't watch enough of it! I need Andy Samberg's bunker and a year-off to catch up with all the shows I want to watch. There are probably some decent shows that aren't on this list. C'est la vie. The shows that did make this list are great and they're my favorite shows from the past 25 years.
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A list of my favorite filmmakers from the past 25 years and the movies they made that make me like them.
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My favorite movies can change from day to day or mood to mood, which makes them difficult to rank, but these 25 films that have really stuck with me during the past 25 years. There may be better films that I don't list here, film I might not have seen (or liked), but these are the ones I consider modern masterpieces.
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Robin Williams was a consummate entertainer, a master of comedy and an all-around talented guy. When he died I agreed to watch every single film starring Robin Williams, including animated films, and decided to rank them in order of his performance in each film (not the overall movie). Here's what I have so far.
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Kid-tested, father approved.
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Artists who found their way back into the spotlight for all the right reasons in 2014.
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It was another good year for great biopics. Here's a list to prove it.
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Here's a round up of 2013's transformative performances from recognizable actors in unrecognizable roles. These characters played by well-known actors stood out this year --either for being cast against type or sporting such a great make-up job -- that you (almost) have to look them up on IMDb to find out who they are.
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In a hairy battle between Borat vs. Ron Burgandy, Groucho vs. Magnum, Lando vs. Chaplin, which memorable moustache is the most iconic?

Mouth off here.
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This is film executive Franklin Leonard's annual list of the hottest unmade movies in Hollywood, compiled by hundreds of Industry insiders who voted for their favorites scripts.
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Here's my collection of favorite movie trailers from 2012.
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These feature films all include at least once scene with a banjo, banjo music or a banjo player.

*for the sake of brevity, documentaries have been excluded from this list.
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A list of top, unproduced screenplays in 2011 compiled by film executive Franklin Leonard.

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While nothing can top last year's "Zombieland" surprise cameo (won't spoil it for you, but you should really know by now) or Mike Tyson in "The Hangover", here are some unforgettable guest spots from 2010.