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This is the period of modern day heroes who struggled against the forces of crime, darkness and evil. Watch how society works for a better system of justice and common good.
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In a time of new democracy, stories of love, violence, struggles for freedom and defense of democracy. These movies explore the lives of people who test the limits of love, sports, the law and the pursuit of excellence.
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A period of international tension between East and West amidst a booming industrial age. This was also the time when a social revolution was taking place in the USA.
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This was a time when society entered the industrial age and life was difficult for many who struggled through the post-World War era. Some struggled decently while others tried the fast lane. Drugs, vice, corruption and crime were also on the rise.
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These are the movies which depicted the concluding years of the Second World War.
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These are the movies which covered the period immediately preceding the Second World War, until the early portions of the actual conflict.
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These are the stories during the beginning of the First World War to the post-war stories of the recovery. More stories of the development of America and heroic stories of different characters coping with a turbulent era of changing cultures. There are also stories of several prominent villains and mob cultures.
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From the stories of China's opening to outside civilization, to the democratic struggles in Asia, Russia and America, to the early years of the 20th Century. There are stories taken from the new emerging cultures of the West.
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The 19th Century begins with Napoleon's rise and fall, to the hard times of Europe. The stories move to the early American era with encounters with the American Indians, the development of California, to the wild, wild West. This is followed by the American Civil War and the stories after the war. It ends with more Western stories of gunslingers and heroes.
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This collection begins with the conquests of Genghis Khan, to the era of the Crusades. The fantasy series of the hobbit world is followed by the turbulent times of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth and some early English stories. It ends with war stories of the British Empire and its conquest of the seas, both fiction and historical.
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This collection includes some of the best movie productions depicting ancient times. From the ancient biblical stories of Abraham to Moses, to the glory days of the mythological gods, then the reign of Alexander the Great and the long history of Chinese dynasties.
The life of Christ and the people who lived during his time are included, followed by the continuing stories during and after the fall of the Roman Empire.