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After the end of the American Civil War to the events that immediately followed; to the beginning of Western movies with focus on famous personalities during that period, to the beginnings of the American Industrial Age, up to the early years of the 20th Century.
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What will our world be when wars, epidemics, economic collapse and other negative scenarios prevail in the future?
What will society be in different future scenarios?
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The stories move to the early American era with encounters with the American Indians, the development of California, to the wild, wild West. This is followed by the development of slavery that preceded the American Civil War; and other stories of unrest in other parts of the world. Japanese samurai movies are also included.
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More action, violence, war and conflicts. More superheroes and futuristic battles. This is a time when man and machine are either friends or foes. Watch out for fast action and violent scenes.
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This is the age of superheroes, aliens and more crime. Entangled in the mess are the classic heroes who are loyal to time tested values of courage and heroism. These are times when reality and fantasy are inter-locked.
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The effects of the Great Depression still hung in the air. The modern society becomes busy with music and the arts. In other parts of the world, war has started leading to a bigger world war. Relationships are tested and heroes are recognized.
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Technology has taken over the world. Facebook has just been invaded. The internet becomes part of peace time life, but is also used for espionage and crime. Futuristic movies take place and life will never be the same again.
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Society has entered the computer age. The economy is on a roll. There are many conflicts arising from a world that has adopted confused values. Materialism prevails.
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Level of violence increases as criminals raise their level of sophistication. The good guys still manage to defeat evil, but with more casualties and with greater difficulty. Love stories manage to find their place in the stories.
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Entering the 1990's, the mixed genre of movies show the complex plots of Hollywood writers and directors. Action becomes more violent; love stories more complex; war more graphic; up to 1992.
a list of 72 titles
This is the period of modern day heroes who struggled against the forces of crime, darkness and evil. Watch how society works for a better system of justice and common good.
Sports raises interesting heroes. The unexplained takes its place in history.
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A time of discoveries in science, music, economics and democracy. An exciting time for sports. Religion takes on new meanings. Human conflicts of a new level take place as life becomes more complex.
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In a time of new democracy, stories of love, violence, struggles for freedom and defense of democracy. These movies explore the lives of people who test the limits of love, sports, the law and the pursuit of excellence.
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This was a period of international tension between East and West amidst a booming industrial age. The U.S. gets entangled in a long and unpopular war in Vietnam. This was also the time when a social revolution was taking place in the USA and people were learning to fight for their rights and ideas.
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Modern society has become more sophisticated on one end and more dangerous on the other. The economy has never seen such affluence and people are living their dream.
But on the other hand, there are trouble spots in different parts of the world, including the start of the Cold War.
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Life was back to normal for the 50's era. Romance, family, music, art, business and life was back to its complicated self. Along with it, crime and violence still roamed the streets.
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The war has started!!! So many lives lost, homes destroyed, relationships broken, heroes discovered and nations crumbled. These are the stories, most of them are true, of what happened during the second World War.
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Troubles arise in Russia. Stories of peace time entering the 20th Century, the struggles for democracy and equal rights, economic progress with some international developments. New conflicts arise in Europe which drive countries to enter WWI.
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The resiliency of human society is shown by the many stories of life at the end and after World War II. Some have built empires or families from the many tragedies. Some have relearned how to love. Others have decided to become villains.
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Modern technology moves further to sophistication in all movie plots. More computerization is applied and sci-fi movies begin the age of sequels. Mobile phones become the norm and terror plots abound. The computer becomes part of everyday life.
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These are the various movies which covered the period before and during the Great Depression era and the period before the 2nd World War. It includes famous gangster characters and Broadway stories. It also covers a lot of ethical issues like racial equality and democracy.
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This collection includes some of the best movie productions depicting ancient times. From the ancient biblical stories of the Pharaohs, to the war era of Chinese history, then the Roman Empire and the glory days of Chinese dynasties.
The era is capped by stories of medieval adventures and finally by the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies and King Henry V.
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These movies happened in the 16th Century to the beginning of the 19th Century. From the end of the Crusades, to the Medieval Years of the Church, the times of the Kings of England, the colonial adventures to the New World, the age of the lords and ladies, the Napoleonic Wars, the famous pirate stories and many historical Asian movies in between. These were interesting times.
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At the turn of the new millenium, modern technology and higher levels of ethics rule everyday life, business and social life. At the same time, crime and warfare enter another phase of sophistication.
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When man is able to travel beyond its own solar system, what will the future be? These are movies that are famous for their inter-galactic scenario of the suture. Alien series, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.
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After World War I, there was a short period of calm and economic recovery. With progress came those who worked hard and benefitted; there are those who took advantage of the others.
Many international movies of the same period are included.