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"LazyTown" (2004)
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I'm Impressed, 5 November 2005

I'm a great-grandma and I'm hoping my little ones will enjoy this show as much as I do! It was by chance that I saw a few minutes of the show one day and the big reason it caught my attention is that Stephanie is a dead-ringer for my oldest granddaughter as a young girl (she's now 20), not just in looks, but in actions and voice and attitude - the whole nine yards. I made my husband watch it for a few minutes and he saw the resemblance immediately. Now I watch episodes every day on all three Nick channels we get and will be telling my family about it, just in case they aren't watching it at home. I appreciate the message to kids: eating right and being active, getting away from the computer and the TV, using imagination - all very called for in this day and age of junk food, obesity in children, and the general indolence that is encouraged by the rapid technological advancement that has occurred in the past decade or two. In my opinion it is a well-written show, each character is well defined; humor, music, color, action, worth-while message and highly entertaining. A positive show in every way.