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An interesting show, 2 February 2006

This show was very interesting, it was detailing Leslie Grantham's well publicized return to the Elstree film studios in Borehamwood to start working on the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders again after a 14 year absence in which his character the legendary "Dirty" Dennis Watts had supposedly been killed. The show featured interviews with several cast members and also looked at the press the storyline of "Dirty" Den coming back had received.

Leslie meets up with Letitia Dean and we see him film his first scene, we also see him walk around the EastEnders "lot" and reminisce about old times.

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Lost it's way, 3 December 2005

Coronation Street was very good last year and lucky because EastEnders which was usually the no.1 soap in the UK was having a bit of bad luck, this gave Coronation Street the chance to shine and be noticed and they did use this chance. We had some excellent story lines, some very strong writing and the right balance between comedy and drama which is what the show usually does best. However they have totally lost the plot this year, the writing is no longer good it's amateurish and often lazy and the plot lines are so bizarre especially the comedy ones which have been pure panto. Too much comedy and not enough action as forced this show to take a back seat whilst EastEnders bounces back. I have no doubt Coronation Street will be able to pull itself back soon, they always do but the stuff they're churning out now leaves a lot to be desired. Stupid larger than life panto characters like Diggory the baker and the notoriously unrealistic Cilla are what has dragged the show down. The main storyline of the year was the Shelley/Charlie fiasco which to an extent was good but there was just not enough interest in the storyline and it dragged on too long. They tried to play it for realism rather than conforming to the soap code and it didn't work for them. Soap viewers today aren't interested in such tosh and especially when it's tedious and repetitive, I can't count how many times the same scenes occurred with practically the same dialogue. I'm yawning just thinking about it and the scriptwriters probably didn't pen anything new they probably just made slight edits to existing scripts for the pair. Bad continuity, scripts, story lines together with rubbish characters and appalling acting from some of their "stars" has resulted in 2005 being one of Corrie's worst years ever in my opinion. ITV haven't helped the show either they churn out far too many episodes which has affected the show enough yet they still add extra episodes when they feel like it or to prop up their other shows which don't need propping up well except in the case of Celebrity Love Island. Corrie will never be as good as it once was when more of it's big stars were there but it proved last year that it can still be great but I'm really disappointed this year. Awful I expect more from Corrie afterall it's probably the second longest running soap behind The Guiding Light.

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How a comedy should be!, 7 November 2005

Only Fools And Horses is an excellent comedy and I wish we had more of the same calibre. Always well written and directed this show is one of Britains most legendary comedic gems. The acting is also of a very high standard with David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst making the script come to life. They pull in good ratings for the BBC but even if they didn't it wouldn't make the show any less than what it is. Pure comedy gold (as a rule) is something that you'd only generally find on the BBC but this is in a different league of it's own. The show focuses on the lives of the two streetwise brothers Del Boy and Rodney whose escapades are always hilarious. It was a shame when the show lost Grandad but Uncle Albert was a good enough replacement.

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This series is dire, 7 November 2005

I watch Hollyoaks on and off so know that the quality isn't of a very high standard but I have to say this series is just dire. I was lost for words having watched a few episodes, the writing isn't very good but the writing for Hollyoaks never is as a rule, the directing in this is some of the worst I've ever seen and the scripts should all be burned to avoid any embarressment in the future. If I was the writer I would want to destroy all evidence that I'd written such tosh. I cannot buy into any of the characters and invest in their emotions because we were just thrown in at the deep end with most of them. I now only watch to see Lisa and Ben two characters from the normal Hollyoaks but even they are becoming very tiresome. I don't recommend watching this even if you're an Hollyoaks fan.

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I enjoyed this but it's crap compared to The Bill, 7 November 2005

I used to enjoy watching Merseybeat and feel it's a shame that it ended however it wasn't of the same standard of other similar programmes in this genre i.e. The Bill. The show was focused around a police station and followed the lives of the people that work there both professionally and personally. Like The Bill (although The Bill works better) it made a mistake in being too much about the staff rather than the criminals. Overall I'm glad the series ended although it was a shame really because they could have turned things around and made improvements here and there. It wasn't dire like some of the programmes that try to be like The Bill.

"Casualty" (1986)
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A good Saturday evening's viewing, 7 November 2005

Casualty is good entertainment and drama for a Saturday evening, the show is always well directed. The script isn't always top notch but the writers do their best and the writing is usually of a very high standard which compliments the good job the directors on Casualty and such shows do. The show is centred around the "Accident and Emergency" department of Holby City general hospital and focuses on both the personal and working lives of the patients and the staff who go there. I would recommend this show to anybody looking for some good drama for their Saturday evenings infront of the tele, if however you prefer full on entertainment on a Saturday without the drama bit then this show may not be for you.

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Well written and comfortable viewing, 7 November 2005

Where The Heart Is has always been well written and a comfortable Sunday night drama. It's a shame that the wonderful Peggy Snow played by Pam Ferris is no longer there though, I did feel the programme had lost something after she left. The show focuses on the lives of the people living in Skelthwaite so it does have a soapy aspect to it, you could say that there's too many soap like programmes on TV today but this is just mixing the drama with a soap aspect to make it seem more real. I recommend this to anyone who wants a cosy Sunday evening infront of their tele and doesn't want to watch something that is going to tax their brain to a great extent.

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Great comedy, 7 November 2005

This show is hilarious, it might be pretty stupid but it redeems itself by being so darn funny! It focuses on the lives of a group of friends who hang out together they get into all kinds of hilarious situations and this is when the script comes to life peppered with a mixture of strange dialogue and weirdness but beyond all that you have comedy gold writing and some good directing. It's also a chance to see some good male flesh if you like that kind of thing when Will Mellor whips his top off ooooer. Anyways moving swiftly on I'd recommend this to anyone who loves a good comedy, I wouldn't really say there is an age limit on this I think you can enjoy no matter what age you are because you don't have to take it seriously.

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Hilarious video to have, 7 November 2005

Tony Jordan writes wonderfully for the Mitchells and this script was no exception. Managing to portray the brothers as well rounded individuals is one of 'Jordans specialities and in this he manages to show their emotional vulnerable sides with their love for one another. It's a nostalgic lookback through the years of the Mitchells in EastEnders featuring video clips of their past escapades. To finally top things off there is some of the most unbelievable comedy you could never imagine when the brothers strip off and dance to "Kung Fu Fighting" with their mother walking in on them as they stand butt naked facing her. A must have for any EastEnders fan who has enjoyed watching one of the best soap families ever created.

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Fantastic Stuff, 7 November 2005

Tony Jordan one of the best writers we have working on television today wrote a wonderful and humorous script for what is easily one of the best families to have ever graced EastEnders. With nostalgic lookbacks on some of the Slaters early stuff and a bit more insight into what they are like as a family this is a must have for any fan of the Slaters. Nan Mo and granddaughters Lynne, Kat, Little Mo and Zoe are all banged up after Kat assaulted a policeman, they are then unrealistically locked up in the same cell. You can forgive this little flaw though because it's then the fun starts as they act out each scene in between video clips of their early stuff. The script is peppered with witty oneliners which helps to carry it and stop it from becoming boring.

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