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The Best Christmas Movie Since Home Alone., 24 December 2006

When I was first considering seeing this film was when I saw that Lewis Black was in a leading role. How ever I was skeptical about how this film would play out, and if It would be like another ones like "Christmas with the Kranks." I was surprised at how funny this actually was, It had the perfect combination of adult humor and child humor which made it enjoyable for me. To those who feel that this film sucks, don't watch it to seriously. Its just supposed to be fun, so enjoy it. I'd recommend this film to almost any one, although it looks stupid its a fun and enjoyable watch. All in all I give Unaccompanied Minors a 4/5 or a 8/10 for IMDb's Sake. This is worth checking out.

Somersault (2004)
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Good idea, but executed poorly, 5 October 2006

When I heard about this movie about a week ago i put it on my Netflix Que to watch. When it arrived i watched the film, and was disappointed at its execution. This films idea is excellent and needs to be addressed. The problem is that out main character is very undeveloped, and there is not one strong supporting role in the film. The story moved WAY to fast and the audience had no time what so ever to connect in an emotional way.

The films pallet was nicely chosen, the blues how ever became way to over used, I like blue in a film but it needs to be balanced out with other tones a little less cool that blue such as white. All in all i Give this a 4/10.

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Very well done, Very respectfully, 10 August 2006

This film was very powerful. The entire theater didn't move during the dedications and a good half way into the credits. For those who say it was done creepily and dis-respectfully, just remember that John and Will where there when the script was being written and when the film was being filmed, if they were happy with it all is right cause its their story! This film focused on the human spirit rather than the attacks.

Michael Pena and Nic Cage did a wounder full job, when I was in the theater watching it, it didn't seem like I was watching Nic cage in the rubble of the world trade center. As for Michael Pena's performance, I wouldn't be surprised if he earns him self an Oscar nod, just an amazing performance.

Over all this film was very moving and powerful, just be warned. If you go to see this movie for the soul purpose of giving it a bad rating, you will not get the message or the large pay off that the filmmakers intended. If you are that narrow sighted I suggest that you don't wast your time by seeing it. If you don't want to see it don't, but don't come here on IMDb giving it a bad rating if you haven't seen it.

Again, respectfully done and does justice to the events of the day.

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Well it made me cry..., 19 November 2005

This film deserved its mediocre ratings. This film is horrible from a production stand point, a music stand point, and acting stand point, a writing stand point, a directing stand point.

Lets get started shall we? This was a rushed production, loose ends left right and center, and if I recall right I saw a crew member on camera during one the scenes.

Music. Patrick Doyle makes me sick, its one thing to take the original score by john Williams, but to take themes from start wars and Jurassic park with it is just horrible and discussing. The music was not written well, it had no depth. And on the screen it was just there. I shouldn't be able to hear the music unless I try. Music is to set a mood which Doyle did not do very well.

Acting. Dan can't act his way out of a paper bag in this movie. Every line seemed forced and every acting seemed reluctant.

Writing. The script didn't flow, it was jumpy and poorly written. Good comic relief from the book was replaced by shoddy and poorly written comic relief. If you had not read the book this movie would of left you in the dark all the way through. No one would have known who frank was unless they had read the book. Where the hell were the Dursleys? I know they had been cut a long time ago. But I hoped they would still be able to make the script flow. I was wrong. Also where was the character development? Oh that's right there was none! Not once could i get in side a characters mind and fell what they did.

Mike Neweal or who ever he is. You should be ashamed of this crap heap you call Harry potter and the goblet of fire. You cant direct to save your self. Stick to low profile films, and leave the big ones to the big boys. I could of directed this movie a hell of a lot better than you.

This movie proves my point of. The British cant make movies they can just act in them.

I was looking forward to this movie ever since to book was released. This entire production let me down, Guess Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is still the greatest Harry Potter film produced. This production has so much potential and it was all destroyed by bad writing, HORRID music, mediocre acting, and Horrendous directing. This film almost made me cry, the 4th book is my favorite and to see it this way makes me scream.

So to all who made this movie, Congratulations on Screwing Up what was to be a great movie.